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Pete Belcastro and Alice Lema, are licensed Oregon Real Estate Brokers with John L. Scott Southern Oregon. Join them every Saturday morning at 10 a.m on KCMX Radio AM 880 for an hour of Southern Oregon real estate information and education, along with terrific guests and lots of laughs.  Whether you buy, sell, rent or invest in real estate, you want to hear the latest market information and ways to enhance the value of your home and property.  Comments or questions to pete@realestateshoworegon.com 


Pete Belcastro

Principal Broker

Pete has a lifetime of Southern Oregon experience, and, since 2007, as a licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon and a successful Real Estate Radio and TV talk show host.

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Alice Lema


Alice Lema brings 19 years of investment and ownership experience, and 9 years as a Realtor, to each and every client!

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Putting You in the Know

Helping you to be a smart real estate consumer and enhance the value of your property.

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show: Market Update, Where’s all the Listings?

Historic low-interest rates are encouraging buyers to enter the housing market, while historic low inventory levels are making it hard to do. Real-time real estate experts Alice Lema and Pete Belcastro share experiences about current housing market conditions across Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties. Hear first hard reporting about buyers and sellers maneuvering through a… Read More

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show: Medford Building Incentives for Homeowners.

How can we solve the low inventory problem we face in Southern Oregon Real Estate Markets? Medford’s Planning Director Matt Brinkley joins Alice Lema and Pete Belcastro on this week episode to learn about upcoming development and new incentives for homeowners. Hear about Medford ADU incentives newly announced program forgiving about $10000 for a new… Read More

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show, Why Mortgage Rates Remain So Low?

Historically low mortgage interest rates are driving high demand for housing across Southern Oregon. The problem is inventory levels have also reached historically low levels. What happens if people are ready to buy but there is no property to buy? That the dilemma facing buyers as 2021 begins. Guy Giles of Mutual of Omaha Mortgage… Read More

Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for January 8.

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market can be summed up easily as we enter 2021 — high demand, low inventory.  In fact, as you’ll see in this week’s reports, we are at a critical stage with inventory levels in some price ranges at one week’s worth.  It’s not that way overall but unless more homes are… Read More

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show; Market Predictions for 2021 Conditions.

Gotta say it, 2020 was a pretty good year for Southern Oregon Real Estate, for both buyers and sellers. Interest rates are amazingly low, and sellers are receiving nearly 100% of their asking price. Can it continue into 2021? That’s the question Alice Lema and Pete Belcastro discuss on this weeks episode. Real time real… Read More

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show, Let’s look back at the 2020 market.

We finished the real estate year of 2020! What just happened to the markets in our communities? Did equity increase for homeowners? Interest rates lowered throughout the year. 2020 was like no other real estate market we’ve experienced. Pete Belcstro and Alice Lema share their thoughts and discussion in a recap of 2020 Alice calls… Read More

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show, Preparing your home to sell.

Home inspections are used in most real estate transactions. They can make or break a sale. Lean all you need to know about home inspections from Travis Hand, owner of Rogue Insection Services on this episode of Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show. Travis joins Alice Lema and Pete Belcastro for a wide ranging discussion about… Read More

Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for December 18.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!  Despite lockdowns and winter weather Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market continues to make us shake our heads as to the demand we see from buyers — it remains high.  On the other side of the issue is not enough inventory to sell.  With winter selling underway, don’t expect either situation to… Read More

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show, JLS Market Watch for December.

The Market is Talking! The latest SOMLS housing stats are released and they tell us a lot about current market conditions. Pete Belcastro and Alice Lema tackle them all in this week’s episode. You’ll learn what is selling today, the latest interest rate information, as well as news for buyers, sellers, and investors about what… Read More

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