5 Popular Flooring Types and How to Clean Them

(I recently had new flooring installed at my new home. Its wonderful.  But any of us don’t have a clue as to what type of flooring is in your home and don’t know how to properly care and clean them.  I found this article that really simplifies this dilemma.Pete)  From Houzz Magazine.

Between kids, pets, parties and just daily life, floors can take a beating. To help keep your home shipshape and sparkling, it’s important to get to know your floors and how to clean them. However, that can be harder than you might think. “Don’t feel bad if you can’t decipher your floor type,” says Susan Stern, the director of product management at floor-care company Bona. “Sometimes even experts question themselves.” Thankfully, Stern is here to help, as well as offer cleaning tips.

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