5 Things to Think About Before Adding an In-Law Suite

(We talk an awful lot about additional dwelling units ADU’s.  They are easier to place on current properties as cities ease rules which in turn its hopeed will help alleviate housing shortages in Southern Oregon. This article from HOUZZ Magazine is a great way to find out if adding an ADU or In Law Suite or Mother in Law Cottage or even a Short Term Vacation Rental. Read more.)

After their parents put a roof over their heads for years, some adult children may consider returning the favor. Creating a distinct space at home for an aging parent to move into — whether it’s a separate backyard unit, a converted basement or bedroom or an added-on suite — is a major undertaking. But with its added peace of mind, potential savings and investment value, flexibility and emotional reward, it’s an undertaking that may be worth the effort for the right family.

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