Age Friendly Homes are Here to Stay

Sharon and Howard Johnson of Age Friendly Innovations started their second career after discovering
they needed to downsize their lives as they retired.   Most of us face that same questions, “What to do when retiring
with property that is too big to handle any more.
For Sharon and Howard, they decided the move, sell their home and build an Aging in Place home as a demonstration
model of what the future of senior housing might look like.   Age Friendly Homes are being built today in the
Rogue Valley by people like Sharon and Howard.  One of them is at 1304 Haskell St. in Central Point.
Age Friendly designated homes are either new homes or remodeled homes that meet certain standards for senior
living. The purpose is to keep seniors in their home as long as possible which cuts down of medical costs for all.
In fact the number one thing seniors want, is to remain in their home as long as possible.  To do that and ensure safety
getting the home as age friendly means a world of difference to the homeowner.
This Age Friendly housing world is hosting a one day conference April 26, 9 am to 3pm at Scottish Rite Center in Medford.
There are speakers to this issue and a tour of an age friendly new home as the end of the day.
This is a great opportunity for anybody thinking about trying to stay in their home as long as possible.  There are lots of
Baby Boomers out there retiring and they will determine if Age Friendly Housing is here to stay.
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