S Oregon Real Estate Forum, Sept. 26, 2018

By Pete / September 25, 2018

With one week to go in September, S Oregon Real Estate Market, while cooling a bit, remains pretty active especially across certain price bands. Lots of new listings are coming on line giving buyers a bit more negotiating power.  However, only 18% of sellers, nationwide, are giving buyer concessions.  That means 82% of sellers are… Read More

7 Questions Before Buying a Kitchen Appliance

By Pete / September 25, 2018

(At some point we all need to purchase new kitchen appliances for our home.  Here are some questions to consider before your next purchase and I bet you hadn’t thought of what you need to know.) If you’ve attended a dinner party recently, you might have noticed that everyone ended up elbow-to-elbow in the kitchen.… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, Sept. 19, 2018

By Pete / September 19, 2018

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market finds itself in a state of flux as Autumn rolls in. MLS statistics show stark differences at various price points and locations around Jackson and Josephine counties. See more below. Local officials from the Rogue Valley Council of Governments announced on last week’s Real Estate Show, they have been awarded… Read More

Fall Planting Ideas for Porches, Balconies and Small Gardens

By Pete / September 16, 2018

(I always seek out articles that you might find useful on various topics. This time, its Fall outdoor planting. These are high impact easy care celebrations of Autumn with color, texture and seasonal accents. Fall doesn’t have to be a colorless time around your home. See what can be done by reviewing this article from… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, September 12, 2018

By Pete / September 11, 2018

Its been quite a week in S Oregon real estate with activity across the price and location spectrum.  We also had an opportunity to talk real estate issues with Jessica Gomez and Jeff Golden, candidates seeking to become a state senator this November. This seat is currently held by Sen Alan DeBoer.  Watch the show… Read More

7 Living Rooms that Re-Think the Fireplace Wall.

By Pete / September 11, 2018

How many times have you wondered what to do with that old fireplace in your home? We don’t use them often anymore and our lifestyles have changed enough to make them almost obsolete.  But there is hope for fireplaces and their walls.  This article I found on Houzz Magazine will have you re thinking the… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, September 5, 2018

By Pete / September 5, 2018

Hello Friends – We have a big show planned for this Saturday.  Its the first joint appearance of the election season for senate candidate Jeff Golden and Jessica Gomez.  They are vying to replace Sen. Alan DeBoer.  We’ll be talking real estate issues with them and hope you[ll join us.  If you have questions on… Read More

Avoid These Plants to Help Keep Your Garden Fire-Safe

By Pete / September 3, 2018

After a hot, dry summer, wildfires are a top concern among those living in at-risk regions. We’ve talked about design strategies for landscaping for fire safety and what plants to choose to help prevent fire from spreading through a landscape, but what about the plants to avoid? A fire-fuel-rich landscape of highly flammable eucalyptus, unmaintained dry grasses andresin-filled juniper The key to… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, for August 29, 2018

By Pete / August 29, 2018

Hello Friends: School is back in session, Fall sports season begins this week in earnest, agriculture harvests are underway and hopefully the smoke will leave us. Yes, it’s a busy time of the year and real estate is no exception. On last week’s Real Estate Show, (KCMX AM 880) Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler joined… Read More

S. Oregon Preservation: Two Most Endangered Places Making Progress

By Pete / August 26, 2018

Last week, Restore Oregon’s Preservation Programs team visited southern Oregon to monitor easements and see the progress on two of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places, Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point and the Medford Elks Lodge. The Butte Creek Mill Foundation is more than halfway to its $2.5 million fundraising goal! The mill is formally taking shape with logs… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 22, 2018

By Pete / August 21, 2018

by Pete Belcastro, Principal Broker, John L Scott Southern Oregon Hello Friends….. Do you believe that Jackson County residents are aging? If you said yes, you’d be right.  In fact, the latest stats show that more than one in five residents is 65 years and older and that affects our housing market in many ways. … Read More

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers for Good

By Pete / August 21, 2018

First, empty your cabinets and lose what you don’t use. Then follow these steps to keep your kitchen organized. Getting your kitchen storage organized and working well is very satisfying, but it can be hard to know where to begin — especially if you’ve been using your kitchen for awhile and are used to its… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 15, 2018

By Pete / August 14, 2018

Hello Friends:   West Coast fires have once again wrecked havoc on communities and people’s lives. In our own valley, the smoke has hung around for more than a month, at times unrelentless.  Fires in Josephine County have done the most damage locally.  Nothing compared to the Carr Fire at Redding, CA. I am not sure… Read More

How to Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger!

By Pete / August 14, 2018

From Houzz Magazine. Wish your living room were 50 percent bigger than it is? With a few design tricks, you can make it feel like it is.  Try these tips for tweaking your colors, furniture, window treatments and more to make your living room look and feel bigger. How to Make Your Living Room Look… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 8, 2018

By Pete / August 8, 2018

Hello Friends, Real Estate activity took no time off despite the heavy smoke in our region. IN fact last week’s activities were one of the highest weekly totals for the entire summer.  Why? Demand is still out there for housing and inventories increased to more than one thousand.  Last week’s MLS stats show the following: … Read More

5 Things to Think About Before Adding an In-Law Suite

By Pete / August 7, 2018

(We talk an awful lot about additional dwelling units ADU’s.  They are easier to place on current properties as cities ease rules which in turn its hopeed will help alleviate housing shortages in Southern Oregon. This article from HOUZZ Magazine is a great way to find out if adding an ADU or In Law Suite… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 1, 2018

By Pete / August 1, 2018

Hello Friends……. STEPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL ESTATE SALE At some point in your life, whether it’s a parent or yourself, an Estate Sale looms sometime in your future.  On this week’s Real Estate Show, Saturday, 10 am KCMX AM 880.  Lance  and Tara Landers, owners of Ionic Estate Sales, joins us and share what it… Read More

S. Oregon’s historic preservation is alive and well!

By Pete / July 30, 2018

(HIstoric Preservation in S. Oregon got a great boost this week with grants being awarded to several local projects.  These facilities, when rehabilitated, contributed to the overall economy and real estate by using lands at highest and best use)  Read more about who got honored) Last week Travel Oregon announced awards for its Competitive Grants… Read More