Pete Belcastro

Lending Law Changes to help Consumers?

By Pete Belcastro / September 10, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. Effective November 3, 2015, new federal regulations take hold around the USA that is going to change the way mortgage loans processed.   It’s an offshoot from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and is designed to combine current disclosure requirements into one clearer and more understandable format. On a recent Real Estate… Read More

Real Estate Medford – Wild Ride in Rental Market

By Pete Belcastro / September 5, 2015

Try finding a home to rent in Jackson County. There aren’t any! Vacancy rates are low, rents are rising. This problem also bring opportunities for investors to own rental properties. Hear what Danielle Roberts, co-owner of Sterling West Property Management and Kami Carlson, a JLS agent as they share their views on the local rental… Read More

Save the Medford Elks Building

By Pete Belcastro / August 21, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. I am quite honored to represent the Elks Grand Lodge as they sell the assets of the now defunct Medford Elks after a 105 year run.  Those assets include the Elks Temple Building in downtown Medford.  This building is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.  For decades it served as… Read More

Water Quality, Yes, it's a big deal!

By Pete Belcastro / August 14, 2015

by Pete Belcastro Under Oregon Revised Statutes, those pesky state regulations,  is a provision forbidding landowners to put pollute streams from runoff or irrigation from their property.  At first that would seem impossible but if you dig down a bit further its not and its the next things in environemntal rules coming in the future. If you don’t… Read More

FHA Loan Appraisals to Raise Costs for Homebuyers

By Pete Belcastro / August 6, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. At one time in 2009-10, FHA backed mortgage loans were making up three quarters of the real estate market.  Today, FHA backed loans made up a much smaller percentage of the market so this information won’t effect all new home sales.  But if, after September 15, you use an FHA loan the… Read More

Buyer Demand Continues To Outpace Housing Supply

By Pete Belcastro / July 28, 2015

by KCM Crew.   This article was shared with JLS agents and its shows supply and demand works in real estate.  Couldn’t say it any better.  Enjoy, Pete “The price of any item is determined by the supply of that item, and the market demand. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released their latest… Read More

Real Estate Medford, The Market Rolls Along

By Pete Belcastro / July 27, 2015

It’s easy to overlook the economy when we discuss real estate. Today, Frank Mania and Channin Culley, Ticor Sales Executives, share with us the latest news on commercial real estate activity in Jackson County and report things are moving. Add, JJ Kramer to the mix, and you get a summation of the current real estate… Read More

Real Estate Medford – Full Steam Ahead

By Pete Belcastro / July 11, 2015

The first half of 2015 set all sorts of real estate records in Jackson County in general and John L Scott Real Estate in particular. Hear Managing Principal Broker, Jim Remley, discuss why its “full steam ahead” in residential real estate. Jim says this robust market will continue because a number of factors are converging… Read More

Legal Marijuana, Real Estate & Law Enforcement

By Pete Belcastro / July 6, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. It seems simple enough when you first talk about it, but these three elements come together in ways you might not consider.  But, legal marijuana in Oregon is effecting real estate in many ways requiring law enforcement to become involved.  Jackson County Sheriff Corey Falls doesn’t duck issues and joined us on… Read More

No Let Up in Housing Demand.

By Pete Belcastro / June 28, 2015

by Pete Belcastro Lennox Scott is the grandson of the John L Scott, who started his real estate business in 1931.  Lennox was in Southern Oregon recently speaking to assembled JLS agents in Medford on 25 June. For more than an hour, and without script, he described his view of the current and future real estate… Read More

The Real Estate TV Show June 9, 2015 Segment 2

By Pete Belcastro / June 17, 2015

Pete Belcastro welcomes Tina Grimes, Executive Director of the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors and the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service, and Cerise Stephens, RVAR President. An overview of these essential organizations in the Real Estate Industry.

No Shortage of Buyers….

By Pete Belcastro / June 13, 2015

by Pete Belcastro Now that summer heat has arrived, it would seem the real estate market in Jackson County would cool a bit from what has been quite a robust spring season.  SOMLS statistics show the March, April and May period was the busiest three month period in nearly a decade. As a result of… Read More

Skilled Construction Workers Wanted!

By Pete Belcastro / June 5, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. It’s really hard to imagine that local construction companies are desperate to find enough skilled workers, or for that matter workers, to fill local jobs.  The demand for these workers has out-paced the supply. On a recent “Real Estate Show” Brad Bennington, CEO of the Homebuilders Association, and Brent Hackwell, Project Manager… Read More

Increase Your Home's Value, it's easy.

By Pete Belcastro / May 23, 2015

We’re always looking for ways to increase the value of our homes.  This following article, written by Jim Remley, Principal Broker at John L Scott Real Estate Southern Oregon.  He points out that is  always doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to increase a property’s value.  Read on!  Thanks Jim. by Jim Remley.… Read More

Marijuana Legalization & Real Estate.

By Pete Belcastro / March 5, 2015

by Pete Belcastro I have found the topic of marijuana legalization to be the topic so far of 2015.  People are talking and not all of it is accurate.  We’ll leave it to the politicians to figure out the legal parts of the law, but when it comes to real estate, that’s a whole other story.… Read More

Real Estate Medford – New Homes, Going Up Fast!

By Pete Belcastro / March 2, 2015

Hayden Homes is new to the Rogue Valley. They recently completed their 10,000th home but none in Jackson County until now. Listen to the story of why Hayden Homes is focusing their efforts here. They own more than 360 vacant lots ready to build. Summit Funding has loaned on many of these projects. Guy and… Read More

New Contractors In Medford Housing Market.

By Pete Belcastro / February 28, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. It wasn’t that long ago that Jackson County experienced no new home construction.  Remember 2009?  It was the lowest year for new construction as the Great Recession took hold on our economy and shook it to its core.   We are coming back, however.  Taken Hayden Homes for example. On the Real Estate… Read More

Rental Vacancy Rate – 2%, What's Going On?

By Pete Belcastro / February 23, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. If you think there is pressure on the residential real estate market with low inventories, take a look at Jackson County’s rental market.  According to Laurel Adams, Allcities Property Mgt. and Past President of the Southern Oregon Rental Owners Association reports Jackson County has a 2% vacancy rate.  That means less options… Read More