Pete Belcastro

Guy Giles, Lending and Jessica Bennington, Builders Assoc,

By Pete Belcastro / May 15, 2019

Guy Giles, Lending and Mortgage expert for The Real Estate Show returns for a spring update on interest rates and loan activity and is joined by Jessica Bennington of the Builders Association of Southern Oregon.

Cheryl Malone, Gary Stamps Market Watch

By Pete Belcastro / May 1, 2019

Cheryl Malone returns and The Real Estate Show welcomes Gary Stampsl, guests this week of Guy Giles of Bank 34 Mortgage. A spring market update, look at Multi Family development, and storage units are among the topics.

Tina Grimes, Michael Chanquet Education for Brokers

By Pete Belcastro / April 24, 2019

Real Estate practices and laws change with the times. Technology presents new opportunities. How do Real Estate Brokers keep up with the latest industry trrends and information, or get access to classes specific to local industry issues? The Rogue Valley Association of REALTORS is a great resource.

Jake Rockwell, Don McCoy, Business Sales

By Pete Belcastro / April 18, 2019

We often talk about residential sales on the Real Estate Show but this week we turn our attention to buying and selling businesses. Jake Rockwell and Don McCoy are guests.

Greg Addington and Stacey Boals RVAR and new Legislation

By Pete Belcastro / March 26, 2019

The 2019 Legislative session keeps the Real Estate industry on the watch. Greg Addington and Stacey Boals from the Rogue Valley Association of REALTORS upate us on key bills and the process.

Danielle Remley, Toni Thomson Sterling West

By Pete Belcastro / March 19, 2019

Oregon Senate Bill 608 changes the playing field for landlords and tenants and has already been signed into law. Property Managers Danielle Remley and Toni Thomson from Sterling West Property Management are helping Realtors understand these new laws and how they relate to clients.

Greg Goebelt, Royce RE Earth Advantage Homes

By Pete Belcastro / March 13, 2019

Greg Goebelt from Royce Real Estate in Ashland joins the Real Estate Guys this week for an up close look at new construction in the Ashland/Talent area and the desire for Earth Advantage Certified homes.

Update on Daniel Perry

By Pete Belcastro / March 4, 2019

Three years we featured a new company in the Rogue Valley specializing in matching visitors to the area with vacation rental properties. Owner Daniel Perry had 6 clients then, three years later it’s 160 and growing. Might this be an option for a property you own?

Guy Giles and Brock Scott Loans and Construction

By Pete Belcastro / February 27, 2019

Time to check in on Mortgage interest rates and lending as the busy spring season approaches, Guy Giles from Bank 34 Mortgagell updates us. And Guest Brock Scott from Elite Developers tells us his company is busy building all kinds of structures.

RVAR Food & Wine and Habitat for Humanity

By Pete Belcastro / February 18, 2019

Rogue Valley Association of Realtor’s program, featuring RVAR President Cheryl Faria, RVAR CEO Tina Grimes, and Executive Director Denise James from Habitat from Humanity. RVAR and Habitat are teaming up to fundraise and build a home in Southern Oregon.

John L Scott Market Watch Jim Remley and Shanon Pewtress

By Pete Belcastro / February 10, 2019

A John L Scott Market Watch show with Brokers Cindy Priestly and Don McCoy. We look ahead to the fall market conditions and explore options for seniors to age in place and home construction to serve that need.

Historic Homes and Buildings Stacey Boals and George Kramer

By Pete Belcastro / February 5, 2019

Historic homes and buildings connect us in a physical sense to the passage of time in our region. Learn the value of these legacy structures, programs and incentives to restore and maintain them, and the importance to our heritage.

Guy Giles, Bank 34 and Pat Hurley, Hurley’s Tax Service

By Pete Belcastro / January 31, 2019

Guy Giles brings guest Pat Hurley to keep us all up to date on tax law changes and how they effect Real Estate business

Gary Turner Attorney

By Pete Belcastro / January 24, 2019

A John L Scott Market Watch show with Brokers Cindy Priestly and Don McCoy. We look ahead to the fall market conditions and explore options for seniors to age in place and home construction to serve that need.

RVAR Colin Mullane, Full Circle RE

By Pete Belcastro / January 15, 2019

17 years of Rogue Valley Real Estate experience as Colin Mullane from Full Circle Real Estate joins Pete Belcastro. They review a robust 2018 and look to the year ahead.

Staging a home to sell with Karen and Terry Toner

By Pete Belcastro / January 9, 2019

Start the New Year with a John L Scott Market Watch. Karen and Terry Toner join us and bring insights from Team Toner on staging.

Retrospect on Service Sal and Jan Esquivel

By Pete Belcastro / January 2, 2019

From service to his country in Vietnam to the Medforc City Council and State House.Sal and Jan Esquivel look back and forward.

Guy Giless, Bank 34 Mortgage and Broker Cheryl Malone

By Pete Belcastro / December 27, 2018

Mortgage interest rates surged a bit and then backed off during the back half of 2018. Guy Giles of Bank 34 Mortgage has insights into what may lay ahead in the year to come and is joined by Broker Cheryl Malone who lends three decades of local market experience to this weeks update.