Balance Form and Function in Your Backyard

Who: Angela Kelly of Stepstone
Where: Los Angeles
In her own words: “Concrete is among the oldest building materials. Made from sand, rock and cement, it’s naturally occurring and found anywhere in the world. The possibilities of what you can accomplish with precast concrete are astounding.”
Whether you use your backyard primarily for pool parties, barbecues or basketball games, it’s important to balance good looks with functionality and durability. “Whether you lean toward a modern or traditional aesthetic, concrete can enhance a home’s quality and elegance,” Angela Kelly says.
Kelly works for Stepstone, a Los Angeles company that specializes in precast concrete. This means concrete is cast into finished pieces off-site, versus poured in place. “It’s a perfect balance between form, function and aesthetics,” she says. “And because it’s precast, it’s easy to install.”

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