S Oregon Real Estate Forum, November 14, 2018

By Pete / November 14, 2018

We’ve entered what in the real estate market is “the Winter selling season.” Which usually means fewer listings and a slow down in housing sales.  However, this may not be a normal year. Maybe it’s the wonderful Fall weather that is keeping real estate activity quite active?  This last week’s activity shows exactly what we mean. … Read More

Trending: Most Popular New Bathroom Ideas & Photos

By Pete / November 13, 2018

A bathroom is an important space — it’s where we first flip on the light in the morning, and it’s one of the last places we see at night. So it’s important that it makes us feel inspired to freshen up and start the day, and leaves us relaxed and ready for pleasant dreams right… Read More

Roofing with Mark Root

By Pete Belcastro / November 13, 2018

Protecting your home and investment starts at the top with a quality roof. Mark Root, owner of Oregon Custom Roofing has learned a lot over the years and shares that insight this week

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, November 7, 2016

By Pete / November 7, 2018

By the time you read this, the 2018 Mid-term election will be over and our minds can get back to more interesting things, like real estate.  Hope you had good week as we get ready to look at the latest MLS stats and enter the Winter Selling Season. But, here is what’s really happening in… Read More

Porch Decorating Ideas From Thanksgiving to New Year’s

By Pete / November 6, 2018

As we enter the busy holiday season, taking the time to give our porches or entryways a seasonal look both for fall and then again — almost immediately — for winter can feel like a push. This year, save some time by choosing decorations that can easily be transitioned between seasons. For inspiration, take a… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, October 31, 2018

By Pete / October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! Hope your day is an enjoyable one. Real Estate activity in Jackson and Josephine counties continues with plenty of activity across price ranges and neighborhoods. Our summary from last week shows fewer closed sales and new listings, but an increase in pending sales.  So activity remains brisk. The luxury market also shows signs… Read More

Design Trends in Color May be the Next Big Thing

By Pete / October 30, 2018

It looks like bold colors and patterns are going to be hot in 2019 according to design experts across the USA. Do you agree? See what we mean from this Houzz Magazine article, I found that might startle a lot of who buy and sell homes.  Pete Sherwin-Williams At home design expo Design Chicago this… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, October 24, 2018

By Pete / October 23, 2018

We actually saw a bit of rain fall this week, which reminds us that more is on the way.  That also means more mud and if you own animals, lets throw in manure with it. That’s why last week’s Real Estate Show is a must watch for rural landowners.  Did you know, for example, that… Read More

12 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Look Bigger

By Pete / October 23, 2018

(It’s true, a bathroom can be enlarged without moving walls and costing thousands of dollars.  Check out these ideas from HOUZZ Magazine and see if any might serve your own home. Bathrooms are a big selling prize if done well. See what you think?) Pete Most of us dream of having a vast, spacious bathroom… Read More

Clint Nichols-Mud and Manure Mitigation

By Pete Belcastro / October 23, 2018

Many people dream of moving to Oregon and the opportunity to own a rural property. Most times mud and manure aren’t part of those dreams. But they are part of the reality of rural ownership. Clint Nichols will help us learn how the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District can help

Buyer Questions to Ask after a Home Inspection!

By Pete / October 18, 2018

(How many times do we see this issue crop up.  A home inspection reveals a number of items that may need correcting before close of escrow.  What do you do? What should you ask to be repaired by the seller? Don’t get caught in the home inspection bubble, read more below from this article fon… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, October 17, 2018

By Pete / October 16, 2018

Property tax statements are in the mail and should be arriving to thousands of property owners in the next few weeks. These statement will provide you with a new Real Market Value, established by Jackson County officials,  as of January 1, 2018.  The overall Real Market Value is up.  We know because Dave Arrasmith, Jackson… Read More

Stylish Shelving Ideas for Your Home Office

By Pete / October 15, 2018

(How important is a home office to you?  Many homes have space for an office, but many look awful and you wouldn’t want to spend much time in it. I found this article that makes the home office a place to work and to spend time in.  From Houzz Magazine. Pete) When it comes to… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, October 10, 2018

By Pete / October 10, 2018

A headline in the Tuesday edition of the Mail Tribune declared, “Real estate turns to a buyers market.” Is that true?  Well, not so fast my friends. If you drill down deeper in the latest MLS stats, a different story appears.  The market is stabilizing. Let’s start with September Comparisons. What does this mean? For… Read More

Before and After: 6 Bedrooms That Offer Function and Style

By Pete / October 9, 2018

(We don’t normally talk about bedrooms much even. We do, however,  we spend a lot of time in them. Here is an article that takes a look at bedrooms and ways to mix in new ideas to meet modern needs) Pete Bedrooms are private spaces, which sometimes means they get ignored while renovating efforts focus… Read More

Cindy Priestly and Don McCoy Market Watch and Aging in Place

By Pete Belcastro / October 8, 2018

A John L Scott Market Watch show with Brokers Cindy Priestly and Don McCoy. We look ahead to the fall market conditions and explore options for seniors to age in place and home construction to serve that need.

Wildfires and Property Insurance with Greg White

By Pete Belcastro / October 3, 2018

Catastrophic wildfires have been devastating to Western states, even deadly. How do property owners protect themselves and what changes may lay ahead as the Insurance industry moves to keep up? Greg White helps us sort out the new normal.

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, October 3, 2018

By Pete / October 2, 2018

Were you ever so happy to see it in rain in the Rogue Valley as we experienced last week? It was enough to cool things off and hopefully help put out the final wildfires remaining.  Southern Oregon’s Real Estate market continues its adjustments. INSURANCE ISSUES AFTER WILDFIRES.  We learned an awful lot about fire insurance… Read More