Saving Oregon's Historic Building

By Pete Belcastro / December 5, 2016

How to we blend the new with the old?  It’s a question that is particularly important to Medford and other cities that face uncertain futures of their historic buildings. This is where Restore Oregon comes into play. The statewide non-profit is dedicated to supporting the preservation and re-purposing of historic buildings in Oregon. They have a… Read More

Should You Sell Your Home Alone?

By Pete Belcastro / October 11, 2016

People often ask that question to themselves.  Should I sell my home myself without using a real estate agent? Well, think again.  Statistics do not bear out well for FISBO sales. (For Sale By Owner)  In fact, all doubt should be eliminated.  Using an agent makes sense.  What do you think? Remember we all make… Read More

Outdoor Features Bring Buyers.

By Pete Belcastro / October 4, 2016

by Pete Belcastro. National Association of Realtor research indicates that outdoor features in homes are among the top reasons people purchase certain properties. Here is a list from of some of the things that buyers are looking for in today’s market that feature outdoor accessories and outdoor living features. The more you have of… Read More

Moving to Oregon, Yes, they are!

By Pete Belcastro / September 29, 2016

We talk a lot about who is moving to Oregon, making our state the number one destination in the country right now.  The above figures show it all, Californians love Oregon.  Look how many are coming here.  So, yes, the high demand for housing in our market is going to continue until those figures go… Read More

High Demand, Low Inventory Spurs Market Upward

By Pete Belcastro / September 15, 2016

by Pete Belcastro Statistics tell the story of the local real estate market.  It seems like its been this way for months on end with high demand, low inventories of available housing contributing to a sustained seller’s market. The stats below compare August sales, listings, days on market, and available homes per buy and months… Read More

End of Summer Stats Tell All

By Pete Belcastro / September 10, 2016

Statistics are easy to come by in real estate — everything is recorded, the sale price, the new owner, location, loan info etc.  In comparing August 2016 to August 2015 housing stats we find the market continuing a trend of high demand and low inventory. Here is what I mean. August 2015      August 2016 Pending… Read More

Recreational Marijuana & Land Use Issues

By Pete Belcastro / August 15, 2016

by Pete Belcastro. Kelly Madding, Jackson County’s director of Development Services, has had a very busy year.  She is the point person in the county that is trying to develop land use rules governing the growing recreational marijuana industry.  Tune into our recent Real Estate Sh ow and hear how Kelly has been approaching the… Read More

Estate Sales, How to conduct them today!

By Pete Belcastro / July 29, 2016

by Pete Belcastro I met Lance and Tara Landers when I invited them to visit me and my client who needed to sell his home. Problem was the home was full of years of things that needed to be sold. Perfect time for an estate sale. Lance and Tara are owners of Ionic Estate Sales… Read More

You may need a "Pre-sale Home Inspection"

By Pete Belcastro / July 25, 2016

by Pete Belcastro. I love my house.  I have lived in it in Ashland for 25 years.  I know it inside and out I believe. Many of you are the same way. Everything works, its comfortable, I take care of it, therefore any potential buyer will love it as much. WRONG.  After listening to Dan… Read More

Real Estate Market – No Slow Down

By Pete Belcastro / July 19, 2016

by Pete Belcastro The real estate market continues to perform well.  Demand continues to out strip supply.  On the Real Estate Radio Show we have told you how John L Scott Southern Oregon does its job of marketing real estate.  The report below shows how our two offices connect, communicate and sell.  This is just… Read More

Should you sell now?

By Pete Belcastro / July 12, 2016

by Pete Belcastro Is this a good time to sell your home?  Overall the answer is yes.  Available inventory has not kept up with demand in Jackson County creating a “Sellers” market. It’s part of a conversation on the Real Estate Show with Jim Remley and Shannon Prewtress from John L Scott. But dig a little deeper … Read More

RE Show 6 11 16 JLS Jo H

By Pete Belcastro / June 13, 2016

As Summer begins, the local real estate market seems as hot as the outside weather. But is it really? Jo Heim, a JLS broker shares her experience in the local market. She also offers advice for buyers and sellers on market trends and things to be aware of in today’s market. She talks with Pete… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Private Money Investing

By Pete Belcastro / May 23, 2016

What’s best, investing in real estate or the stock market? Michael Weintraub, of says its real estate hands down. He shares his story of private financing of real estate projects and why the Rogue Valley is ideal for investment. He is joined by Don McCoy of JLS and both agree real estate is a… Read More

Real Estate Medford, What Does the So Oregon Land Conservancy Do?

By Pete Belcastro / April 18, 2016

About 10,000 properties have conservation easements supported by the SOLC. They are also buying their first property along the Rogue River that is spectacular. Craig Harper and Eric Poole, project manager and board member respectively share the stories of Land Conservancy projects, how they affect real estate, landowners reactions & the future for preserving open… Read More

Real Estate Medford – John L Scott Market Watch

By Pete Belcastro / March 6, 2016

We’ve entered the three busiest real estate months of the year. Hear from John L Scott Brokers Trevor & Gina Bushey as they share their experiences in this hectic market. They also talk about things buyers and sellers need to be prepared for, plus news of a new housing project in SW Medford. They talk… Read More

Housing is a Drag at S. Oregon Business Conference

By Pete Belcastro / January 28, 2016

by Pete Belcastro For the most part the news was good about Southern Oregon’s economy.   In fact, the 250 people who attended the 13th Southern Oregon Business Conference heard our economy has surpassed where it was before the Great Recession of 2008.   Unemployment is down to 6.2%.   More than 86,000 people are… Read More

Is a Reverse Mortgage in your Future?

By Pete Belcastro / December 14, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. As we age, there are several options homeowners could take advantage of that might make your life better.  One of these is the Oregon Homestead Exemption, the other is a Reverse Mortgage. Outside of these, there aren’t any programs designed to support older homeowners.  Here is how they work. Homestead Exemption:  Must… Read More

The Real Estate Show December 12, 2015

By Pete Belcastro / December 14, 2015