Real Estate Market – No Slow Down

By Pete Belcastro / July 19, 2016

by Pete Belcastro The real estate market continues to perform well.  Demand continues to out strip supply.  On the Real Estate Radio Show we have told you how John L Scott Southern Oregon does its job of marketing real estate.  The report below shows how our two offices connect, communicate and sell.  This is just… Read More

Should you sell now?

By Pete Belcastro / July 12, 2016

by Pete Belcastro Is this a good time to sell your home?  Overall the answer is yes.  Available inventory has not kept up with demand in Jackson County creating a “Sellers” market. It’s part of a conversation on the Real Estate Show with Jim Remley and Shannon Prewtress from John L Scott. But dig a little deeper … Read More

RE Show 6 11 16 JLS Jo H

By Pete Belcastro / June 13, 2016

As Summer begins, the local real estate market seems as hot as the outside weather. But is it really? Jo Heim, a JLS broker shares her experience in the local market. She also offers advice for buyers and sellers on market trends and things to be aware of in today’s market. She talks with Pete… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Private Money Investing

By Pete Belcastro / May 23, 2016

What’s best, investing in real estate or the stock market? Michael Weintraub, of says its real estate hands down. He shares his story of private financing of real estate projects and why the Rogue Valley is ideal for investment. He is joined by Don McCoy of JLS and both agree real estate is a… Read More

Real Estate Medford, What Does the So Oregon Land Conservancy Do?

By Pete Belcastro / April 18, 2016

About 10,000 properties have conservation easements supported by the SOLC. They are also buying their first property along the Rogue River that is spectacular. Craig Harper and Eric Poole, project manager and board member respectively share the stories of Land Conservancy projects, how they affect real estate, landowners reactions & the future for preserving open… Read More

Real Estate Medford – John L Scott Market Watch

By Pete Belcastro / March 6, 2016

We’ve entered the three busiest real estate months of the year. Hear from John L Scott Brokers Trevor & Gina Bushey as they share their experiences in this hectic market. They also talk about things buyers and sellers need to be prepared for, plus news of a new housing project in SW Medford. They talk… Read More

Housing is a Drag at S. Oregon Business Conference

By Pete Belcastro / January 28, 2016

by Pete Belcastro For the most part the news was good about Southern Oregon’s economy.   In fact, the 250 people who attended the 13th Southern Oregon Business Conference heard our economy has surpassed where it was before the Great Recession of 2008.   Unemployment is down to 6.2%.   More than 86,000 people are… Read More

Real Estate Medford – Obtaining Title on Property

By Pete Belcastro / January 18, 2016

Presented by the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors. It takes a team of realtors, lenders and escrow work to close a property transaction. Get the inside story of how that’s accomplished on the title and escrow side of things. Title officers, Donna O’Grady & Cynthia Simpson, share their experiences in searching property transactions and issues… Read More

Is a Reverse Mortgage in your Future?

By Pete Belcastro / December 14, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. As we age, there are several options homeowners could take advantage of that might make your life better.  One of these is the Oregon Homestead Exemption, the other is a Reverse Mortgage. Outside of these, there aren’t any programs designed to support older homeowners.  Here is how they work. Homestead Exemption:  Must… Read More

The Real Estate Show December 12, 2015

By Pete Belcastro / December 14, 2015

Real Estate Medford, Rental Housing and Housing Issues

By Pete Belcastro / December 4, 2015

The local rental market runs parallel to the residential real estate market. Both face low inventories, pressure to raise prices as demand outstrips the available supply of both. Hear Danielle Roberts of Sterling West Prop. Mgt. Share thoughts about the current rental market and advice for renters seeking homes. Shannon Pewtress is a new member… Read More

Winter Real Estate Sales Continue

By Pete Belcastro / November 23, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. Most people believe that winter months are a bad time to sell a home thus many pull back and wait until Spring to sell.  It’s hard to argue with clients who would rather wait until the weather is nicer, a bit warmer and their property looks better than in Winter.   But there… Read More

Property Values Up Again in Jackson County

By Pete Belcastro / October 31, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. If you received your property tax statement in the mail this week, it might be a good time to look at it.  Overall, says Josh Gibson, Jackson County Assessor property valuations are up 7%.  Seven percent is not a bad number.   Here’s why. In the lead up to the Great Recessions we… Read More

Southern Oregon's Luxury Home Market

By Pete Belcastro / October 28, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. They are small in total number but high in dollar volume.  I am talking about luxury homes in Southern Oregon.  A luxury home are those priced at $750,000 and above and can range in location, acreage, age and care. It’s a portion of the market that really took a hit during the… Read More

Real Estate Medford – Property Appraisals in a Hot Market.

By Pete Belcastro / October 27, 2015

If you need financing to purchase a home, then you’ll also need an appraisal of the property being bought. Things, however, can go sour. Hear about the current state of appraisals in our hot real estate market from our guests. Appraisals affect many parts of a transaction, so we have an appraiser, Debbie Pool, a… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Maintaining your Property Value

By Pete Belcastro / October 4, 2015

Are you guilty of delaying maintenance on portions of your property? If you answer yes, they you need to hear what Will Wait, of Elite Maintenance has to say about ways to maintain your property. He talks with Pete Belcastro, one of the Real Estate Guys, on this program. Wait and his team handle rental… Read More

Maintenance Problems can be Avoided.

By Pete Belcastro / October 3, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. If you are like me and a lot of other homeowners, we tend to put off maintenance issues on our properties.  Sometimes to the point of costing thousands in repairs when it’s time to sell.  I generally do not think of maintenance, repairs etc as something I need to plan for.  Things… Read More

Know Thy Housing Market, especially Now!

By Pete Belcastro / September 28, 2015

by Pete Belcastro. How can a seller determine when is best to put a home on the market?  This topic came front and center on “The Real Estate Show” recently and we need to elaborate more. Fall is here and winter is approaching.   Is it a good time to try and sell a home?… Read More