Real Estate Medford, Rental Housing Market Trends

By Pete Belcastro / September 30, 2017

Southern Oregon’s Rental Housing Market is facing a supply and demand problem. Not enough units to meet demand from renters. How does this effect renters, landlords and property managers. Hillary Ruif and Tammy Scott share the latest news and trends in the rental industry from evictions to tenant relations, from pets to rent increases. They… Read More

A Business Guide to Oregon’s New Mobile Device Law

By Pete Belcastro / September 25, 2017

By Jihun Han, Political Affairs Manager, Oregon Association of REALTORS If you use your smart phone or tablet to map the location of your next appointment or showing while driving, the State of Oregon has some new rules – and harsher fines – for you. Starting October 1, 2017, law enforcement officers can pull you… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Trends in Mortgage Interest Rates

By Pete Belcastro / September 23, 2017

What is happening with mortgage interest rates? Are they going up or down? Are there any new loan products out there? Guy Giles at Bank 34 Mortgage works mortgage loans daily and has some answers on these questions. He also unveils a new 100% loan financing program for anyone who qualifies. There is much more… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Home Warranties for Buyers & Sellers

By Pete Belcastro / September 13, 2017

When would a buyer or seller need or want a home warranty? That is the today’s discussion when Traci Hughitt bring that information to us. What is covered and not covered in a home warranty? How much does it cost? Can I keep it after my initial one period. Join Traci along with Pete Belcastro,… Read More

Rallying Around Real Estate Issues

By Pete Belcastro / September 9, 2017

There is a lot happening in the local real estate market that affects buyers and sellers. Rick Harris and Colin Mulane, share the latest information and stats about local market conditions. Beyond that, hear about flood insurance issues, marijuana land issues and more. They talk with Pete Belcastro on today’s show. For Information – contact… Read More

Labor Day Real Estate Market Watch

By Pete Belcastro / September 2, 2017

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market is talking, but what is it telling us? The answers are different for buyers, sellers, renters and investors. It’s also the question local brokers Don McCoy and Jonathan Spang also answer during today’s show. Hear about wetland rules from Don, while Jonathan talks about seller demands among other topics. They… Read More

Real Estate S. Oregon, John L Scott Market Watch

By Pete Belcastro / August 26, 2017

Is the real estate market changing? That’s the topic when Alice and Steph join in the discussion about the latest trends enveloping the real estate markets. All these changes will have repercussions for buyers, sellers, renters and investors of real estate. They join Pete and Joe for today’s show. For more information – contact our… Read More

1031 Exchange, a Cherished Real Estate Tax Break, Faces Extinction

By Pete Belcastro / August 24, 2017

by Peter Grant and Richard Rubin Published June 13, 2017 Features Dow Jones Newswire  A much-loved tax advantage in the commercial real-estate industry is on the chopping block even as chances dim for the passage of a broad federal tax overhaul this year. Why? If a sweeping bill doesn’t get traction in Congress, there is… Read More

Keeping Order in Real Estate Disputes

By Pete Belcastro / August 19, 2017

Real Estate transactions can sometimes turn out badly, throwing buyers and sellers, and their agents into a dispute. In real estate, mediation is a way to resolve such conflicts. Hear from Bruce Aydt and Tina Grimes how RVAR handles such complaints. It’s a fascinating look at leadership, ethics and training of local Ombudsman and mediators.… Read More

Protecting Private Property Rights

By Pete Belcastro / August 13, 2017

Oregon’s Legislature won’t let you down when it comes to an assault on private property rights and taxing real estate. Rep. Sal Esquivel, joins today’s show to share the various ways lawmakers keep attacking real estate interests. Buy why? Sal explains more. Guy Giles, Bank 34 mortgage lender, gives the latest mortgage loan information for… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Secrets of Septic System Success

By Pete Belcastro / July 29, 2017

There are thousands of septic systems in Jackson and Josephine counties. Some are new, most are not. Hear the story of how septic systems and drain fields work; and how they should be maintained and cared for. Kevin Riddle has seen it all and shares his stories and insights into what can be a major… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Insurance & Mortgages, What is needed today?

By Pete Belcastro / July 21, 2017

Two topics, two experts share the latest information on mortgage interest rates at mid summer. Guy Giles says depending on credit scores rates range from high 3’ to low 4’s. While Russell Brown talks about the types of homeowner, renter, investor insurances you need in today’s world. From liability to contents don’t let insurance issues… Read More

Real Estate Medford, When is a building permit required or not?

By Pete Belcastro / July 14, 2017

When is a building permit required? Do I need a permit for a fence? A garage conversion? A bathroom remodel? A room addition? Kimberly London, from Medford’s Building Dept. has the answers on today’s show. She talks about what is and is not needed and where and how to get through the permitting process. For… Read More

Home Supply Depends on Price

By Pete Belcastro / July 11, 2017

Jackson County Market stats continue to tell the story of this real estate market.  Look below.  Inventories of available homes are quite scarce in the prince range from $1 to $350,000.  There is less than one month’s supply, meaning the demand for these priced homes is intense.   Check out the price ranges and months… Read More

Real Estate Southern Oregon, John L Scott Market Watch!

By Pete Belcastro / July 7, 2017

Join us for a mid-year report on the Real Estate Market with JLS Managing Principal Broker Jim Remley. He oversees the regions highest producing offices, and shares market insights for buyers, sellers and investors. He also shares his market forecast for the remainder of 2017 and any potential red flags that could change market conditions.… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Are We Building the Right Stuff?

By Pete Belcastro / July 1, 2017

Brad Bennington speaks for the building-trades industry as they scramble to meet heavy demand for new homes, while watching potential changes in laws that would negatively affect new construction. And our ability to create new and better housing for all. Hear what Brad has to say when he talks with Pete Belcastro on today’s show.… Read More

No Change in Busy Real Estate Market

By Pete Belcastro / June 24, 2017

Lennox Scott, the grandson of founder John L Scott, addressed local agents in Medford June 22. He says the real estate market is going to continue its current run with small adjustments along the way.  He noted inventories are making a comeback in some areas but still do not meet the housing demand of the… Read More

Real Estate Medford, 1031 Exchanges!

By Pete Belcastro / June 24, 2017

A 1031 Exchange in Real Estate, is a vehicle by which an investor exchanges properties while deferring any capital gains taxes to another day. There are many ways to do a 1031 exchange and Glenn Cunningham, co-owner of Nagel and Padilla, shares how 1031 exchanges are being used today. He notes investors are using this… Read More