Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for June 5.

By Pete / June 4, 2020

Buying and Selling real estate is an art form all its own. Balancing the needs of both parties is key to a successful closing.  In today’s market, supply and demand, plus interest rates are driving activity.  Check out last week’s MLS stats and while closed sales remain about 45% below last year’s level, pending sales… Read More

Six Emerging Bathroom Trends in 2019.

By Pete / May 1, 2019

A glance through the most popular bathroom photos uploaded to Houzz so far this year reveals that many users are inspired by polished industrial looks and fresh takes on classic bathroom design, as well as bathrooms that combine natural wood finishes with crisp white. As for tile trends, hexagonal, elongated subway, large-format shapes and herringbone… Read More

Look at These Sensational New Showers

By Pete / April 10, 2019

This collection of newly built and renovated showers uploaded to Houzz over the past year features many great ideas for updating the look of your shower. Whether the bathroom includes a walk-in shower, a shower-tub combo or a wet room, the designers of these spaces turned to tile, wood, fixtures and custom touches to create… Read More

10 Essentials for Outdoor Entertaining

By Pete / April 1, 2019

Whether you’re a new homeowner setting up your outdoor space for the first time or in the midst of downsizing — or you’re just hoping to streamline your outdoor setup — this guide is a good place to start. If you own only the 10 items on this list (we’ll assume you’re starting with a… Read More

New Summer Breezy Living Room Styles

By Pete / March 26, 2019

If you’re planning a summer vacation to a beach, then you’re probably looking forward to some lazy, relaxing, sun-filled days. But that lifestyle doesn’t have to be confined to one week out of the year. Casual beach style is a great design choice for your living room. Linen-covered sofas, jute rugs, watery color palettes and… Read More

Market Talk! S. Oregon Real Estate for March 20

By Pete / March 19, 2019

Spring has officially arrived in the Rogue Valley and with it begins the three busiest real estate months of the year.  Check out last week’s MLS stats and see how the market is doing. Look at the pending sale totals. What is the best Week of the Year to List a home?   You may think… Read More

New Small-Deck Designs for Outdoor Living

By Pete / March 19, 2019

When deck space is at a premium, efficient design and smart styling can make what could be a cramped outdoor area an inviting one. From investing in disappearing railings to choosing hanging planters over ones that take up floor space, there are plenty of ways to make the most of a compact deck. Read on… Read More

Warm & Bright Laundry Room Makeovers.

By Pete / March 6, 2019

We talk a lot about room make-overs but the laundry room? Yes, its true these rooms can make your home feel warm and bright with a make over you probably never thought about. Laundry Room at a Glance  Who lives here: A family with three daughters Location: Minneapolis Size: About 150 square feet (14 square meters) Designer: Sarah Martin of Beautiful… Read More

5 Tips for Buying & Using LED Lights

By Pete / February 25, 2019

A flood of new LED products has made choosing a lightbulb more confusing than ever. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Simply follow these five steps to select the the right LED bulb for you and get better light in your home. 1. Choose Your Brightness Most LED bulbs available to the consumer are… Read More

East Steps to Protect your Home from Water Damage.

By Pete / February 20, 2019

There’s nothing less musical to a homeowner’s ears than the steady drip of unwelcome water or the sudden whoosh of a burst pipe. The resulting damage can be extreme. “Part of it is the financial damage — ranging from $6,000 to much, much higher — and part of it is the element of time needed… Read More

How Technology is Making its way to your Kitchen!

By Pete / February 12, 2019

Many of us spend all day with our computers and cellphones constantly within arm’s reach, so it may not be surprising that these items are now working their way into our kitchens. Some homeowners renovating their kitchens are choosing to upgrade electronics in these spaces, and among this group, home assistants and dedicated kitchen tablets… Read More

Re-thinking the Dining Room Experience

By Pete / January 30, 2019

A dining room remains a desirable home feature, whether it is a distinct room or integrated into an open plan. Shapes and sizes of dining tables, chairs and furniture need to be considered so personal movement is not impeded when the room is fully in use. Table and seat heights tend to be standard but all… Read More

Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

By Pete / January 22, 2019

Whether you have a simple powder room or a master en suite, functionality should be at the heart of your bathroom remodel. Read on to learn tricks for gaining storage, improving lighting and drainage, and more to ensure that your renovated bathroom stands the test of time. 1. Plumbing Residential plumbing typically uses 1½-inch pipes for… Read More

6 Habits to Reduce Clutter at Home This Year

By Pete / January 15, 2019

Is maintaining a neater, more organized home part of your New Year’s resolutions? Then try changing a few home habits to help keep clutter at bay. I’ve found there are a dozen simple habits that can help you keep your home tidy. In this story, we’ll look at the first six. Since new practices take time… Read More

Create a Home Gym You’ll Actually Use

By Pete / January 8, 2019

Year after year, getting more exercise tops New Year’s resolution lists. And while the number of people committed to this popular goal often plummets by February, experts say having a dedicated space right at home that will inspire you to stay active can help. What are the design elements that will keep you honest and your home… Read More

Best Kitchen Photos in 2018

By Pete / December 11, 2018

(We all love our kitchens, so take a look at the top kitchen photos from 2018 as described below.) If the most popular kitchen photos uploaded to Houzz in 2018 are any indication, then brass hardware, subway tiles, marble and marble-look quartz are the materials you can expect to see more of in the coming… Read More

10 Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Lighting

By Pete / December 7, 2018

As anyone who has untangled a snarled string of lights or come up 5 feet short on the roofline can attest, the process of hanging holiday lights is more complicated than it looks. A satisfying result depends both on having the right products on hand as well as proper installation. Let us help take the… Read More

Mudrooms with Style are Finally Here!

By Pete / November 26, 2018

We live in a region with a cold & wet climate and mudrooms can become the busiest room in the house during the winter. Having a mudroom that is comfortable and functional can make dealing with bad weather less of a burden. These 50 photos of mudrooms offer a bevy of ideas for storage without… Read More

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