S Oregon Real Estate Forum, September 12, 2018

By Pete / September 11, 2018

Its been quite a week in S Oregon real estate with activity across the price and location spectrum.  We also had an opportunity to talk real estate issues with Jessica Gomez and Jeff Golden, candidates seeking to become a state senator this November. This seat is currently held by Sen Alan DeBoer.  Watch the show… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, September 5, 2018

By Pete / September 5, 2018

Hello Friends – We have a big show planned for this Saturday.  Its the first joint appearance of the election season for senate candidate Jeff Golden and Jessica Gomez.  They are vying to replace Sen. Alan DeBoer.  We’ll be talking real estate issues with them and hope you[ll join us.  If you have questions on… Read More

S Oregon Real Estate Forum, for August 29, 2018

By Pete / August 29, 2018

Hello Friends: School is back in session, Fall sports season begins this week in earnest, agriculture harvests are underway and hopefully the smoke will leave us. Yes, it’s a busy time of the year and real estate is no exception. On last week’s Real Estate Show, (KCMX AM 880) Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler joined… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 22, 2018

By Pete / August 21, 2018

by Pete Belcastro, Principal Broker, John L Scott Southern Oregon Hello Friends….. Do you believe that Jackson County residents are aging? If you said yes, you’d be right.  In fact, the latest stats show that more than one in five residents is 65 years and older and that affects our housing market in many ways. … Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 15, 2018

By Pete / August 14, 2018

Hello Friends:   West Coast fires have once again wrecked havoc on communities and people’s lives. In our own valley, the smoke has hung around for more than a month, at times unrelentless.  Fires in Josephine County have done the most damage locally.  Nothing compared to the Carr Fire at Redding, CA. I am not sure… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 8, 2018

By Pete / August 8, 2018

Hello Friends, Real Estate activity took no time off despite the heavy smoke in our region. IN fact last week’s activities were one of the highest weekly totals for the entire summer.  Why? Demand is still out there for housing and inventories increased to more than one thousand.  Last week’s MLS stats show the following: … Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 1, 2018

By Pete / August 1, 2018

Hello Friends……. STEPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL ESTATE SALE At some point in your life, whether it’s a parent or yourself, an Estate Sale looms sometime in your future.  On this week’s Real Estate Show, Saturday, 10 am KCMX AM 880.  Lance  and Tara Landers, owners of Ionic Estate Sales, joins us and share what it… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, July 26, 2018

By Pete / July 25, 2018

Hello Friends: New Home Construction is Down, What’s Happened?   ….That’s part of the this week’s Real Estate Show Radio and You Tube Show. Brad Bennington,  Pictured R, CEO of the Southern Oregon Builder’s Association joins Guy Giles, of Bank 34 Mortgage, Pictured left.  In Jackson County, new home construction was down 30% from the previous… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, July

By Pete / July 18, 2018

Welcome to the Forum This Week.  It awfully hot outside and it reflects as agents opened fewer doors last week then any week this summer.  None the less, real estate activity continues. On this Week’s Real Estate Show, we’re looking at Southern Oregon Commercial Real Estate Activity with Frank Mania of Ticor Title. Pictured right.… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, July 11, 2018

By Pete / July 10, 2018

Hope you had a terrific Fourth of July Holiday.  Real Estate sales didn’t take a vacation. In fact take a look at the June Stats from the Southern Oregon MLS.comparing June 2017 and June 2018. Basically, in Jackson County pending sales were up 5% from a year ago while new listings fell 9%. With feweer… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, June 20, 2018

By Pete / June 20, 2018

  LEARN HOW TO IDENTIFY, CONTAIN AND REMOVE MOLD Mold loves water and when the two mix the results can be expensive to remedy.  Karl Hamasu and Ron Gabbart of  Service Master of Medford, shared with us the various types of mold that exist in our region.  Where mold usually appears and what.  And best of… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, June 13, 2018

By Pete / June 13, 2018

Alternative Housing in Southern Oregon On The Real Estate Show We talk a lot about alternative housing options for large numbers of people in S. Oregon.  However, those options are limited. Yet, after listening to Brandon Thoms, from Rogue Habitat and Matt Vorderstrasse from Rogue Retreat, there are people addressing this issue today.  They join… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum for June 6, 2018

By Pete / June 5, 2018

Hello Friends…… FAIR HOUSING TURNS 50, Still Relevant Today! We take so many things for granted in real estate today.  Discrimination in housing in the USA was transformed by the Fair Housing Act which made it illegal to deny housing to anyone based on race, religion, family status or age. This lead to the American… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, May 30, 2018

By Pete / May 30, 2018

FAIR HOUSING TURNS 50 The Fair Housing Act in the United States intended to protect the buyer or renter of a dwelling from seller or landlord discrimination. Its primary prohibition makes it unlawful to refuse to sell, rent to, or negotiate with any person because of that person’s inclusion in a protected class. Is Fair Housing Act still… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum for May 23, 2018

By Pete / May 22, 2018

                                    MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND TRIBUTE Memorial Day Weekend reminds us about those who served our country and honors their memory. This Monday, May 28, at 11 am, at Eagle Point National Cemetery, my real estate partner and friend… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, May 15, 2018

By Pete / May 14, 2018

by Pete Belcastro, Principal Broker, John L Scott Southern Oregon When is a Building Permit Needed? Kimberly London, is an expert on building permits thru the City of Medford’s Building Department.  If you watch last week’s show she explains when and for what purposes you would need to obtain a building permit from the city… Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, May 8, 2018

By Pete / May 7, 2018

by Pete Belcastro…. Problems with Permitting How do you know when you need a permit to build or remodel a property?  What do I do if I have an unpermitted part of my residence? These are common questions that consumers need to know, especially if you find yourself in a position to ask the questions. … Read More

S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, May 1, 2018

By Pete / April 30, 2018

Hello Friends. Thank you for the nice comments received from several of you about our new website. It is much appreciated. This last week saw a continuation of brisk end-of-the-month selling with lots of pending sales posted on  properties in Jackson and Josephine counties. A total of 62 properties closed between April 23 and 27. … Read More