Real Estate Medford, Why aren’t we building more homes?

By Pete Belcastro / January 19, 2018

Prices and values of property are up. Housing is in great demand. Then why aren’t we building more homes, condos and apartments? Guy Giles explains the latest in mortgage rates and construction loans while Brad Bennington talks about road blocks slowing down new housing of all types in Southern Oregon. This problem is not going… Read More

Real Estate Medford, RVAR/SOMLS Presidents Talk Market Trends

By Pete Belcastro / January 12, 2018

RVAR and SOMLS are two separate organizations that supp0rt Realtors and provide the statistics used in the real estate market. Hear what the two presidents think about the market, the latest stat information and what it means going forward in 2018 for buyers and sellers. They talk with Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett on this… Read More

Real Estate Medford, John L Scott 2018 Market Forecast

By Pete Belcastro / January 5, 2018

Nearly $4 Billion in real estate sales were recorded in 2017 in Jackson and Josephine counties. Hear the story of residential sales from Jim Remley of JLS, whose offices sold nearly one in five of those properties. He shares what the market looks like today, and where it may be headed in 2018. Jim shares… Read More

How new Tax Laws affect Homeowners?

By Pete Belcastro / December 29, 2017

If you buy, sell or invest in real property then the newly passed Tax Cut and Jobs Act is going to affect you in some way. Hear from Rick Harris and Colin Mullane about specific changes that affect the real estate market going forward. They talk with Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett on today’s show.… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Mortgage Rates Support Housing Market

By Pete Belcastro / December 26, 2017

One year ago mortgage interest rates were higher than they are today. As a result of steady rates, Southern Oregon’s housing market remains active on all front – buying, selling, investing. Hear the latest mortgage rate information and program from Guy talks, Bank 34 Mortgage and the latest market conditions from Windermere Van Fleet broker… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Using a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

By Pete Belcastro / December 17, 2017

With our economy strong, investors are looking for ways to improve their real estate portfolio. Hear why using a 1031 Exchange may be a vehicle to achieve that. Esther Auerbach, from Old Republic Exchange, and RVAR Instructor visits with Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett and explains various 1031 Exchange options available today. Whether you’re a… Read More

Real Estate Medford, John L Scott Market Watch

By Pete Belcastro / December 10, 2017

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market remains quite active as colder weather sets in. Hear the latest market report stats from Broker Trevor Bushey and what they mean for the market. Terry Buntin has built homes here for years. Hear the latest issues facing builders as they brace for high demand which is good, but also,… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Environmental Engineering Challenges

By Pete Belcastro / November 29, 2017

Environmental engineers take on many tasks to ensure compliance with current clean air, water and soil regulations. Be it clean up of contaminated properties, designing waste water systems or supporting manufacturers in clean tech, it all adds up to a boat load of information. Jack Akin deals with all this as founder of EMC. Hear… Read More

Real Market Value & Property Tax — Oregon Style

By Pete Belcastro / November 23, 2017

Property tax statements have arrived, and with it information about the market value of your home. Overall, values are up 7.4% from a year ago. But as Assessor Dave Aerosmith explains, its not even across the county. Some gained, some lost value. Hear the story about how value is reached for new construction, rural properties… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Fall Market Outliers

By Pete Belcastro / November 18, 2017

Winter brings changes and slow-downs to the real estate industry. Some changes are caused locally and others are made elsewhere, yet they effect Jackson and Josephine county market. Jeffrey Nagel and Robyn Whitaker, JLS agents, share their thoughts on what outside conditions may have both negative and positive effect on our markets in the next… Read More

Real Estate S. Oregon – Tech Tools for Searching Local Property

By Pete Belcastro / November 4, 2017

Technology has changed the way we search for property. It’s a jungle out there trying to find the best websites, the best search tools, apps, instant messaging, property trackers and more. Tiffany Wilkerson, JLS Marketing Director and Jeff Meyers, IT Director, share the latest information and tools you can use, to search for local properties… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Investing via a 1031 Tax Defered Exchange

By Pete Belcastro / October 28, 2017

A 1031 Exchange is a real estate investing tool that defers the payment of capital gains taxes. Esther Auerbach, Old Republic Exchange, explains how 1031 exchanges work, and when they make sense for investors. Why? Because a tax deferred exchange may be utilized to diversify, consolidate or leverage your investment portfolio.  Esther talks with Don… Read More

Natural disasters cause mortgage and construction headaches.

By Pete Belcastro / October 20, 2017

Do natural disasters affect mortgage rates or local construction projects? Guy Giles, Bank 34 mortgage expert, says interest rates have not been affected so far, while Brad Bennington, SO Builders Assoc. says natural disasters are having an immediate impact. Resulting in price increases and shortages of materials. Hear the full story when Guy and Brad… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Electric Issues w Housing

By Pete Belcastro / October 14, 2017

Whether you build a new home, remodel a current home, or, are a do it yourself fixer, when it comes to electricity, hear this. Kimberly London and Tine Garvin know the building code rules regarding electrical issues. What needs a permit? Who can do what, you, or a licensed electrician? They share information w/Pete Belcastro… Read More

John L Scott Market Watch, Investing/Owning a Vacation Rental

By Pete Belcastro / October 7, 2017

Have you ever thought of owning a vacation rental? Many people do! Daniel Perry and Jeffrey Nagel are both involved in this growing real estate investment opportunity. They say demand is growing while supply is limited opening new opportunities. Hear all about travelers accommodations in Southern Oregon when they join Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Rental Housing Market Trends

By Pete Belcastro / September 30, 2017

Southern Oregon’s Rental Housing Market is facing a supply and demand problem. Not enough units to meet demand from renters. How does this effect renters, landlords and property managers. Hillary Ruif and Tammy Scott share the latest news and trends in the rental industry from evictions to tenant relations, from pets to rent increases. They… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Trends in Mortgage Interest Rates

By Pete Belcastro / September 23, 2017

What is happening with mortgage interest rates? Are they going up or down? Are there any new loan products out there? Guy Giles at Bank 34 Mortgage works mortgage loans daily and has some answers on these questions. He also unveils a new 100% loan financing program for anyone who qualifies. There is much more… Read More

Real Estate Medford, Home Warranties for Buyers & Sellers

By Pete Belcastro / September 13, 2017

When would a buyer or seller need or want a home warranty? That is the today’s discussion when Traci Hughitt bring that information to us. What is covered and not covered in a home warranty? How much does it cost? Can I keep it after my initial one period. Join Traci along with Pete Belcastro,… Read More