Estate Sales, How to conduct them today!

by Pete Belcastro
I met Lance and Tara Landers when I invited them to visit me and my client who needed to sell his home. Problem was the home was full of years of things that needed to be sold. Perfect time for an estate sale.
Lance and Tara are owners of Ionic Estate Sales of Medford.  They have been doing this business for twenty plus years.  They are also very good at it.  They told my client, we needed to get dates for the estate sale.  Once established they went to work.  They came into the home emptied out all boxes that were packed, plus all the cupboards, closets,

Lance Landers, Ionic Estate Sales. Contact him: 541 9414830
Lance Landers, Ionic Estate Sales.
Contact him: 541 9414830

garage, everything.   They priced all the items.   Took photos of hundreds of things and put them on line.
The sale took place on time, everything was sold, the house was cleared up and perfect when the sale was completed.  Best of all my client received more money than he ever would have trying to do the estate sale himself.  Which lead me to this.
You may think you and your kids can conduct the sale.  Don’t.  Lance says with their marketing of such sales hundreds and hundreds of people come through the estate sales.  Everything is sold.  Many times so is the house and potential buyers also attend these sales.
When planning an estate sale, you might consider an opening weekend that includes the estate sale.   Landers says nine such sales have taken place in 2016 as a result.
I loved the way Land handled the whole deal for my cleint.  He delivered on everything he said he would do. It was a big success and you can have the same result by turning it over to Lance and Tara to handle for you.   Listen to the whole radio show at


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