GMO Free Jackson County

by Pete Belcastro
Its been a few weeks since Jackson County voters decided its better living here without GMO agriculture.
Since, then I can’t tell you how many people I have had conversations about GMO free and what it means for us in
Jackson County.  First of all, I think everyone I speak with is part of the 66% who voted for the ban.  They are estatic that
voters said yes and a direct rebuke of outside money and the influence of major corporations like Monsanto to decide
the GMO issue.
The local agriculture industry seems ready to explode here.  There are small farms everywhere, along with more
quality and options for consumers.  We’re really at the birth of a new era of local family-supported agriculture.
It is very exciting to see this.
Think of it a few years from now — the GMO debate will be raging across America.  Yet, we can safely promote
and grow and advertise GMO Free products from Jackson and Josephine counties.  These products will  have more
value then others from non GMO free areas.  The value of our agriculture will continue to expand and grow as a result
of this.  More families will want to be involved in agriculture production here and on it goes.
We should be proud of our anti GMO vote.  I am.  Voters agreed in a big way not normally seen.  It’s a landslide
for a GMO free Jackson County.   Now we’ll find out if GMO free food is as valuable as we all think it is.

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