Legal Marijuana, Real Estate & Law Enforcement

by Pete Belcastro.
It seems simple enough when you first talk about it, but these three elements come together in ways you might not consider.  But, legal marijuana in Oregon is effecting real estate in many ways requiring law enforcement to become involved.  Jackson County Sheriff Corey Falls doesn’t duck issues and joined us on the Real Estate Radio Show, July 4, 2015. Watch it on you tube or this website.
Falls admits that law enforcement will play a role in enforcement of new marijuana laws but like everybody else, doesn’t know what those rules will be.  He expects nuisance complaints to rise in rural areas a marijuana growers move into some areas.  He also says neighbors may complain about odor but again the sheriff says, “Let’s wait and see what happens before we start making all sorts of rules and laws that won’t work and cannot be enforced.”
He does become serious when he says his office is intent in keep legal marijuana away from those under 21, at schools and in public places.
The Sheriff does say that illegal grows by cartels on public lands in Jackson County has been reduced if not eliminated, which is good news for everyone.
With real estate buyers need to do more research on the neighborhood they are choosing to live in and inspect the property for problems of grow sites.  Many of these sites will destroy a home.   What about renters rights?  Again, no laws but expect issues to arise as well here.
However, the bottom line is this.  Users and growers of legal marijuana need to be responsible citizens with their new found freedom to use.  If not, then law enforcement will play a more visible role.  Let’s hope they don’t have to and reason prevails in our legal marijuana world that is now, Oregon.
Be sure to listen to this show.


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