Why List a Home in Spring Time?

Here are 10 pretty good reasons to list in Spring time…….
1)      When the Sun Comes Out So Do Buyers – Like bee’s, buyers are more active in the spring and summer months. Always in search of the sweetest listings they are watching and waiting for the next property to hit the market. Did you know there is a huge “backlog” of buyers waiting for your home to hit the market?
2)      Your Property Looks Better – As your grass gets greener, the flowers in your yard bloom, and your trees begin to leaf your property looks better. Did you know that buyers make a 3 second decision when they arrive outside your home? Curb appeal matters!
3)      Your neighborhood Looks Vibrant – Did you know according the National Association of REALTORS buyers rate the quality of a neighborhood as more important than the actual home they are buying? In the spring and summer your neighborhood will be alive with activity and be more attractive to buyers.
4)      The Lighting is Better – Did you know that ambient light (from the sun) shining through your windows will not only provide an inviting and relaxing atmosphere but studies show when the sun is out  people are more open to new experiences, they are more aggressive, and more likely to say yes to a decision – like buying your home!
5)      Spring Cleaning helps Opens Up Your Home – During the spring and summer months we are all more likely to engage in spring cleaning. Not only does this make your home more attractive, when you organize (and throw out) your old furniture, clothes, and “stuff” the home will show better!
6)      Inventory is at Historic Lows – Typically as we enter the spring/summer market we have six months of more of inventory. Think of it like inventory on the shelves of the real estate market superstore. Today the shelves are nearly bare. Today we have less than a month of supply in every price category under $500,000!
7)      Interest Rates are at Historic Lows – Interest rates are still hovering at record low levels. Low rates mean that buyers can spend more on their purchase and don’t forget you will be buying a home as well so you want to lock in a low rate while you still can as well.
8)      We Can Protect You and Help You Find Your Dream Home – With a shortage of inventory many would be sellers worry about finding a replacement property. Did you know that I can protect you by including language in the listing and any contract that requires that you find replacement housing!
9)      The Economy is Growing – When people have jobs they buy houses and when the economy is growing they buy houses. It’s consumer confidence – The better they feel about their finances they more likely they are to make a purchase. Smart smellers take advantage of an up trending market.
10)   Prices are Up! – Perhaps one of the greatest motivators for sellers is that home prices are up. But did you know that most sellers underestimate the value of their home? Ask your John L Scott broker for an in-depth competitive market analysis (CMA) and discover what your home may sell for in today’s market.



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