Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for April 18.

I was not able to present last week’s Market Talk due to the sudden loss of a family friend — my little dog Riley.  As I cried and remembered a great friend of 11.5 years, I began to wonder how pets play a role in real estate sales?  Do they?  The answer is yes as the information below shows.
Yes, pets do play a role in our housing decision.  So keep that in mind as you prepare for a move.  New listings are coming on the market everyday. This is a normal cycle for a real estate year.  Check out last week’s Real Estate stats for Jackson and Josephine counties. NOte Pending sales were way up!
Remember, we currently in the middle of what is considered the three busiest Real Estate months of the year.  Ever since the Great Recession of 2008, people have generally stayed in their homes longer.  The chart below shows the difference which is considerable.  This would indicate that people are staying in their home longer than before. It’s also showing a large pent-up demand for new housing.  What a huge difference from before 2008. Time will determine if this changes.

Last Week’s Real Estate Radio and You Tube show centered on buying and selling local businesses.  It’s a topic we haven’t discussed before. Dom McCoy and Jake Rockwell, Exp Realty, participated with us and shared the step  to get ready to sell and what it takes to make it successful.  There are many existing businesses for sale, learn how to do it to get the best results.

Don McCoy and Jake Rockwell at KCMX Studio.
Finally today, did you know that it takes on average 39% of ones income to rent a home in Jackson County?  That is an extremely high rate. It keeps renters in a bind by using so much of their disposable income.  Look how Jackson County compares to the rest of the top ten states with highest gross rent to income.  We’re even higher than the statewide average of 30%.

We so appreciate your calls and comments.  Please continue to do so and let me help in any way I can.
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