Market Talk! S Oregon Real Estate for April 25.

Spring is my favorite time of year. I have driven all over the area recently and everything is so green and beautiful, fresh and alive. In many ways our Real Estate Market is alive with changing inventory levels, steady interest rates and high demand. It adds up to quite an active market as we head toward the month of May, typically the busiest month of the year.
Last Week’s Report shows how steady a market we are currently in.
The big question remaining is how long will this robust market continue?  On last week’s Real Estate Show, we learned about education efforts to strengthen Realtors professional training.  Tina Grima, Rogue Valley Association of Realtors Executive and Michael Chanquet, vice chair of RVAR Education Committee join me for this discussion on why its important to be a Realtor, not just a licensee.
Michael Chanquet and Tina Grimes, at KCMX Studio.
On this Saturday’s show we’ll check in on mortgage interest rates and what loan’s buyers are using most today.  Guy Giles from Bank 34 Mortgage joins us Saturday, April 27m, 10 am on KCMX AM 880.
It’s going to be a good water year in S Oregon this summer, Take a look at the latest water reservoir levels in Jackson County. Emigrant Lake is nearly full and other mountain lakes are nearing capacity.  With a lot of runoff still to come, we expect all the lakes could reach 100% capacity.  That means enough water for irrigation, recreation, fisheries, wildlife and people.  Full lake levels also inject confidence to our businesses and our economy in general.
Finally this week, have you ever wondered why people sell a home? The chart below indicates the various reasons sellers decide to move. Number one reason — House is too small. The the rest below.
Have a terrific week ahead.  Please contact me anytime to discuss any real estate issues or concerns you may have.
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