Market Talk! S Oregon Real Estate for August 9

We just completed the 88th consecutive month nationally of year over year price gains in housing.  In Southern Oregon housing prices have stabilized from double digit gains to 2.3% in the last reporting period for Jackson County.  Josephine County saw a 5.5% increase in valuation during the same May through July time periods.   Check out last week’s RE stats below which show continued robust activity.
On this week’s Real Estate Show, Alice Lema and I share a spirited discussion about the current Real Estate Market and what buyers and sellers need to know in order to be successful in a transaction.
Join us tomorrow Saturday 10 am KCMX AM 880. Our listeners and YouTube viewers are far ahead of other  consumers by being part of our weekly Real Estate education programs.
We continue on series on appropriate colors to use in homes. This week we look at the color Yellow. Not one of my favorite colors, what do you think?
We talk a lot about the six yearly housing cycles.  We’re in the middle of the fourth cycle which is also the highest time period for sales.  Look at the chart below which indicates  pending home sales for the past year. It appears another 45 days or so before the market heads toward Fall and Winter.In our travels around Southern Oregon, each week we share a photo Alice or I have taken as we show properties around the area. This photo below, do you know where it is located?
I have had a cabin listed at Hyatt Lake for a few years now.  When I visit the cabin I like returning to Ashland via the old Hyatt Rd which happens to go by Little Hyatt Lake and Little Hyatt Dam.  Its one of the most beautiful areas in Jackson County, that is close to town and a pretty quiet place to visit.
Finally this week, Mortgage Interest Rates all across the board took a tumble.  The chart below shows just how far rates fell last week and they continue to drive our market forward.Green means a reduction in rates, red an increase. Note there are no red numbers. Is owning Real Estate good for your health?Once can certainly make a case that the answer is YES.
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