Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for December 18.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!  Despite lockdowns and winter weather Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market continues to make us shake our heads as to the demand we see from buyers — it remains high.  On the other side of the issue is not enough inventory to sell.  With winter selling underway, don’t expect either situation to change much in the coming weeks.  Check out last week’s stats that bear things out, listings were up just slightly while closed and pending sales remained steady but down sightly from previous weeks.

Home inspections are a part of most real estate transactions. On Southern Oregon’s  Real Estate Show this weekend, we talk with Travis Hand, owner of Rogue Inspections about winter care of your home and what inspectors are finding when they visit homes.  It’s a fascinating look at what an inspection is like and what buyers and sellers need to know to prepare for one.

Some good news to report this week on the fire recovery efforts underway in the Rogue Valley.  The following photo was taken in Talent on Suncrest Rd.  This looks like the very first home to be rebuilt since the Sept 8 Almeda Fire.  It’s a small start, but it’s a start and was a welcome sight to see amidst all the destruction still visible all around us.

As you know mortgage interest rates have hovered below 3% for some time now. Will that change? Nobody really knows but we can compare rates with the past.  What we find is shocking how more affordable owning a home is today compared with past years. Check the chart below which shows the difference in home rates by decade.

Once a year we give a shout-out to the Medford Earth Angels, a charitable 501C3 Foundation operated by John L Scott Agents which supports families in need in Southern Oregon.  Agents are preparing Christmas gifts and food baskets for distribution next week. Funds are all donated by JLS agents with many, like  myself, contributing to the Earth Angels with every sale of a home. To my knowledge, this is the only real estate agent run a charitable foundation in the state. I am proud to support it.

We love talking real estate with you anytime.  Call or text to Pete Belcastro, 541 621 7036.   Email
Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday in spite of the lockdowns around us.  Please stay safe and we soon will get life back to normal.

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