Market Talk! S Oregon Real Estate for Jan. 24

We are off and running for the 2020 Real Estate Market. January is really the beginning of the market season where we start to see new listings coming online. You can see by the Yearly Cycles how consistent the markets are during the course of the year.  So get ready, we’re just beginning the new selling season.

Do you have a Home Warranty?  The answer for many of us is no, but after you watch this week’s Real Estate Show, you might just think a home warranty is a good idea.  Lisa Justason from Fidelity National Home Warranty joins us to explain what is covered by a home warranty, the plans available and why you might want to get one, especially with new laws coming on regulating more of the infrastructure of a home and how and how you can remodel it and with what materials, etc.

Above: Lisa Justason, Alice Lema, Pete Belcastro at KCMX.
Show airs on the radio at 10 am Saturday, January 25, 10 am AM 880 and of course on YouTube.  Lisa says 85% of new home sales last year were covered by a home warranty.
Finally, is Real Estate a good investment for you as an individual?  Read below how the combined value of residential homes in the USA has grown over the year.  More than the stock market over time.
As long as Mortgage rates remain at the 4% or lower market,  our selling season will be a good one for both buyers and sellers.  You can see below we have a normalizing market shown by the median price at $350,000 and above, there is six month supply or higher of available homes.   Normal may be good after years of wild changes.

Have a great week ahead.  Call or text us anytime for real estate information we love to talk with you.
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