Market Talk! S Oregon Real Estate for July 20

We’re about midway through the Summer Selling Season and activity remains robust as buyers and sellers to respond to changing market conditions.   Take a look at last week’s sales activity and you’ll see activity picked up across the board after the July 4, Holiday Week.
What is so interesting to me, is the consistency we see in these numbers each week. No wild gyrations but consistent activity.
Join Alice Lema and me tomorrow on KCMX Radio AM 880 for the next Real Estate Show.  Cheryl Faria, President of the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors, join us, along with Royal Standley and Emily Baehr of the Maslow Project.  RVAR has a goal of 700 backpacks  filled with back to school items to present to kids working with Maslow. Hear the whole story plus a market update.
Royal Standly, Emily Baehr, Cheryl Faria, Alice Lema & Pete Belcastro
You can help RVAR in the project by dropping off backpacks filled with school supplies to the RVAR office, give to your Realtor friends and even cash.  RVAR office off Riverside turn at the Duck Walk Car Wash.
Here is a bit of encouraging news for buyers and sellers.  The chart below shows that home ownership as an investment is prized by a large majority of Americans.
Have you ever had a discussion with somebody about the appropriate color to use in decorating a home?  While there is no particular color everyone agrees upon, for the next few weeks we’ll share with you the latest use of color and what today’s decorators are telling us.  First up, Blue.  See more below.
Next week, uses for the color Red.  This week’s interest rates remained relatively unchanged.  As long as rates remain in these ranges you see on the chart, we expect buying to continue as a good pace through the summer.Finally, we received a few comments about our show last week on the rapid growth of Industrial Hemp and what it means for Real Estate.
Check out the show on YouTube because you will be as surprised at what is going on in the Valley as we were.  The scene you see above is not going away.  In fact, expect to see more of it across S Oregon.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.
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We have had a number of discussions regarding our last program on

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