Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for June 22

Summer is here and with it came over 200 closed Real Estate Sales last week in Jackson and Josephine counties.  That is quite a number.  This is further indication the Real Estate Market is quite active. As the market continues to stabilize it appears prices asked by sellers are quite realistic with sellers receiving more than 98% of the listed price.  Se the rest of our Market Talk Stats below.
This week’s Real Estate Show is set to begin at 10 am today at KCMX AM 880 radio. We talk Mortgage Interest Rates with Guy Giles of Mutual of Omaha Mortgage.  With rates so attractive to buyers we are seeing the results of more transactions. Guys shares the types of popular loans buyers are seeking in this stabilizing market. 

(L-R Alice Lema, Guy Giles, Pete Belcastro at KCMX Studio)
Today’s show is 10 am so give a listen.
According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 45%of Americans who rent, would prefer not to.  Check out the survey highlights which show the top reasons:  Not surprising topping the list is “regretting not earning equity” and “cannot customize the home the way they would want to.”During last week’s Real Estate Show, Alice Lema and I talked with Travis Hand of Rogues Inspections Services, about home inspections and the importance of a pre-home inspection. Catch the show on YouTube and hear what inspectors are looking for and the various types of inspections available for homeowners.

Travis Hand is in the middle between Pete and Alice above..
A pre-inspection could also work as a blueprint for potential renovations to your home. Do you know what the top 4 renovations of a home are?  Check below and you might be surprised. Are these items are your list of renovations too?  1. Garage Door Replacement; 2. Manufactured Stone Veneer; 3. Minor Kitchen Remodel; and 4. Wood Deck Addition.

Remember under Oregon Law you must use a licensed contractor. You can do the work yourself in your own home but still need licensed contractors for electrical and plumbing activities.
Check out the latest Mortgage Interest Rates from last week.  Remember, these are ranges of rates, and each depends on your individual credit score.  Red means a higher increase while green means a lower rate from the previous week.
As long as these rates remain in this range, expect buyers to continue to be able to afford them.  Thus the market should continue with robust activity through the summer months.
Have a Terrific Weekend Ahead.
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