Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for Oct. 18

Real Estate activity runs in cycles.  We’re currently in the Fall Selling Cycle and as we move through it, we’re seeing more activity than in previous years.  In fact, closings were up 40% in September over one year ago.   Here’s more!  Check out last week’s local stats that show activity across the board.
We continue to see more pending and closed sales than new listings coming on the market.  You’ll enjoy this Saturday’s Real Estate Show, KCMX AM 880 Saturday, 10 am.  Alice Lema and I discuss various items that can derail a sale.  Things like closing costs, occupancy issues and more.  Alice Lema and Pete Belcastro at KCMX Studio.
The buying and selling process can be frustrating if you don’t know what or how to prepare for it.  You’ll learn a lot about what to expect could happen.   Next week’s show will feature the Jackson County Assessor Dave Arrasmith talking about property tax statements that will be in the mail.   It’s true a 40% increase in closed sales in September over September. Check out the Market Talk below. We often talk about how homeownership creates wealth for its owner. The chart below shows how that breaks down with homeownership first and retirement accounts second.  Stocks and mutual funds are a distant third. The only real downer for the week is all the red we see in our weekly mortgage rate range chart.  That means a rise in interest rates.  Still, at a low of 3.65% it’s driving the market right now for buyers.We’ll keep track of things as the Fall Selling Cycle continues.  Have a great week.  We love talking real estate with you. Comments are always great too.
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