Market Talk! S.Oregon Real Estate for Oct 25.

We’re so fortunate to live in S Oregon, especially in October, with summy warm days and cool Fall nights.  Our Real Estate market is experiencing similar times with activity slowing down slightly, yet remains pretty active across our three counties as you can see in the chart below.
One thing that stands out is that sellers in Jackson County, all 69 of them last week, received nearly 99% of their final listing price.  That shows that sellers and their agents did a good job of pricing these properties.
Halloween is next Thursday, and that means its also property tax time.  Jackson County Assessor Dave Arrasmith says tax statement are in the mail.  Dave also joins Pete and Alice on this week’s Real Estate Show to discuss how the figures on your statement got there and a whole lot more about the latest property tax year.  Show airs on radio, Saturday, Oct 26, 10 am on KCMX AM 880.
L-R Guy Giles, Pete Belcastro, Dave Arrasmith and Alice Lema at KCMX.
Also on the show is Mutual of Omaha Mortgage’s Guy Giles who shares the latest information on mortgage interest rates and what that means for buyers and sellers during the Fall Selling Cycle that we’re now in.
As you look at your tax statement you will notice at least a 3% increase that continues year after year.  We thought, who pays the most in these taxes?  We looked it up and the chart below show the highest taxpayers in Jackson County.
The Top 20 taxpayers throughout the county for each city etc. can be found at .   Finally, this week saw mortgage interest rate take a creep upward from last week.  Red numbers below indicate an increase in rates, green numbers show a decrease.  Note, there are no green numbers shown.
Hope you have a wonderful Halloween and a kickoff to the Holiday Season.  We’re back again next week.
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Have a Great Week!

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