Market Talk! S Oregon Real Estate for Sept. 13

Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market didn’t much celebrate Labor Day.   Things were pretty busy across the board during the holiday weeks.  Take a look at last week’s stats for our three neighboring counties and you’ll see new listings and pending sales while closed sales dropped due to the short week. 

Note: Jackson County sellers received nearly 100% of the listed price.  Southern Oregon is covered with trees as we all know.  But what do we know about managing private woodlands that cover so much of these counties?  Managing private timberlands is the topic of this week’s Real Estate Show, Saturday, 10 am KCMX AM 880.  Dan Maymar, a John L Scott Agent, and a professional forester by trade, joins us to discuss the value and managing these lands. What is a tree worth?  How do I measure board feet in a tree?  How much should I harvest?  What are my options?  We have hundreds of these properties sold each year to people who’ve never lived on such a property.  We’ve got some answers for you on this program so please join us this Saturday.

L-R Alice Lema, Dan Maymar, Pete Belcastro at KCMX Studio.
The Market is Talking!  August turned out to be a pretty active market, take a look at what we mean comparing August to August figures.
Part of the reason sales are up, is that mortgage interest rates are down from a year ago. We closed a sale for a young man with a rate of  3.6%.  As long as rates remain at this level, we expect Fall market sales to remain quite active.
Finally, remember we are a tale of two markets and have been that way for some time.  The two markets are you can see in the Market Snapshot for Augusts for Jackson County shows the luxury market inventory vs the lower-priced properties under $500,000.  See what we mean.
If you have questions or comments, please contact Pete or Alice anytime.
Pete Belcastro
Text or cell to 541 621 7036
Alice Lema  
text or cell to 541 301 7980.
Have a great week!

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