Market Talk! S. Oregon Real Estate for Sept. 20

Seems like this past week we went from full-on Summer to mid-Fall cooling rains in a matter of hours.  Our Real Estate market, however, has not experienced such a dramatic change from the previous weeks activity. Check out the stats below and see what we mean.
Oregon’s Legislature considered a number of bills this past session dealing with land use, rent control, and multi-family units built-in single-family zones.  Matt Brinkley, heads Medford Planning Department, and he joins us on this week’s Real Estate Show, Saturday, 10 am on KCMX AM 880.  We get a first-hand account of any planning activity on the horizon regarding these new housing rules.
L-R, Alice Lema, Matt Brinkley and Pete Belcastro at KCXM Studio. The month of August brings about a change in the selling cycle. In comparing these months, it generally follows a pattern we have talked about for some time.   Listings were down, while sales were up in the latest SOMLS report seen below.We’re continuing a slow roll toward a normal market with a six-month inventory of available homes.  In Jackson County, the last rolling quarter stats showed a gain of value across the county of  4.9% and 5.4% on rural properties.  Josephine County figures show a residential price gain of 8.8% overall and 1.6% on rural sales. The charter below shows the national averages, of which our values are rising faster.And finally this week, we’ve seen the first wholesale rise in interest rates in a long time.  The red figures below are indicative of a higher rate this week than last.  Ranges, of course, vary by lender and circumstance. Let’s hope we see green numbers next week.
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