You may need a "Pre-sale Home Inspection"

by Pete Belcastro.
I love my house.  I have lived in it in Ashland for 25 years.  I know it inside and out I believe. Many of you are the same way. Everything works, its comfortable, I take care of it, therefore any potential buyer will love it as much. WRONG.  After listening to Dan Huckins, local certified residential and commercial inspector, I may need a pre-sale home inspection.
It makes sense.  If I spend the money to know the status of my home, I can make any repairs that would be needed.  I can also use it to justify my price to sell based upon the pre sale inspection.   The buyer could select to accept your inspection and the transaction can proceed to close.
Let’s face it, home inspection results and subsequent negotiations results in many buyers walking away from a deal.  Don’t let that happen to you.  A pre sale inspection give the seller a great advantage in the sale.  Huckins says he seems pre sale inspections increasing each year and make up a growing part of the business.  Listen to the whole show about home inspections at

Pete Belcastro and Dan Huckins at KMED Studio.
Pete Belcastro and Dan Huckins at KMED Studio.

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  1. I can see how a pre-sale home inspection would be great for potential buyers to see. I know for me, if I was looking to buy a home, I would want any potential home to have been inspected for any problems. Like you said, it also allows the seller to set a fair price.

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