RVAR says No to Property Tax Change.

Before I became a real estate broker in 2007, I have to admit I never paid much attention to real estate professional organizations like the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors (RVAR).   Since producing our Real Estate Shows for nearly six years, I have come to respect them in ways most of us never think. RVAR officials come to the Real Estate Show Jan 31-Feb 1 and shared their vision for the group and the role they play for consumers.    It’s pretty simple, RVAR and its counterparts, the Oregon Assoc. of Realtors (OAR)  and the National Assoc. of Realtors (NAR),  exist to assist professional realtors but also to protect private property rights. Like the National Rifle Association, the real estate lobby is powerful on all levels.  They are driven by a handful of issues of which private property rights, mortgage interest deductions, and real estate regressive taxes are at the top of the list. Right now the Oregon Legislature is convened in Salem.  RVAR reports there are numerous real estate related bills working their way through the Democratic controlled legislature.  Among the worst would tie the property tax rate to the sale of new home or investment property. If enacted, the buyer of a new house would have to pay a property tax equivalent to the sale price of the house.  It could add several thousand dollars to a property tax bill.  Current law requires a 3% annual increase on existing homes for property taxes. Here is a word to state lawmakers – Stop Trying to Bilk Homeowners.  RVAR says they are working to defeat this bill.  Doing so, would solidify them as a protector of private property rights and save consumers a bunch of money.

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