Real Estate Show Changes

Hello Friends, our show has been on Saturday mornings for over 8 years, but no more.  We have been moved to Sunday’s 10 am on KMED.  That is the sad news.  Joe and I enjoyed that time slot.  There is good news with this, however, in that we’ll be on video and not just audio in the future.  KMED has installed equipment so soon, we’ll be live on Facebook, (Thursday’s 4 pm when we tape our show)  and available to watch us on our You Tube Channel.  Its pretty exciting and we have wanted to do this for a long time.  So we’ll be able to say “We’ll SEE you on the radio, and mean it.” We’ll let you know when the change launches.
Thank you so much for listening to our show.  We’re always happy to assist you with real estate needs.  And most of we’d love to hear comments from you about our topics and guests.  

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