S. Oregon Real Estate Forum, August 22, 2018

by Pete Belcastro, Principal Broker, John L Scott Southern Oregon
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Do you believe that Jackson County residents are aging? If you said yes, you’d be right.  In fact, the latest stats show that more than one in five residents is 65 years and older and that affects our housing market in many ways.  To start with look at the percentage of population by age group.
These demographics should very well continue on this trajectory for a number of years still ahead.  Where are we going to house nearly one quarter of our population?  With that in mind, last week’s Real Estate Show featured a discussion on Life Long Housing as described by Connie Saldana, Planner for the Senior and Disability Services Division of the Rogue Valley Council of Governments.  Connie and her efforts have resulted in a certification for LifeLong Housing which helps describe the benefits to buyers and sellers of these types of homes. The object is keep Seniors in their homes as long as possible.  Below is a checklist used in the certification process.  See how many of these items are currently in your home.  If you have any questions regarding right sizing your life, we can help.  Give us a callConnie Saldana and Pete Belcastro at KCMX Studio.

Real Estate activity….
This week’s Real Estate Show features an update on mortgage interest rates with Guy Giles from Bank 34 Mortgage.  guy.g@bank34.com to find him.  Guy is bringing with him Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler.   This Saturday 10 am KCMX AM 880.
Among our discussions will be land use issues surrounding marijuana growing and issues surrounding land use questions and how they get resolves, sheriff auctions and a whole lot more.  We’re looking forward to our discussion with the Sheriff, hope you can join us.

DO you have smart technology in your home?  That’s a growing segment of home features.  In fact the use of smart home technology has increased by 33% in the last few years.  That means smart homes
are here to stay.  During a recent John L Scott Medford office meeting, it was asked what should be marketed about smart homes and what is considered smart technology that stays with the home or does the seller take smart tech with them?  In the end  if smart technology items are attached to the home, like speakers, then they should stay as part of the sale.  If the smart tech is portable or wireless, then it will probably be taken by the seller when they leave.More home tech is coming so be aware of it when searching for new homes and be sure to disclosure smart technology items in any marketing remarks.  Good Luck!

Below is the Checklist for Lifelong Housing Certification.  Look it over and see how many, if any, of these features are currently in your home. The checked boxes represent required features for certification.  We need more Lifelong Certified Homes. They have higher resale value, and are in demand from folks who want to stay put as long as possible. What do you think of the checklist.  Email comments to   pete@realestateshoworegon.com
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