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Real Estate activity took no time off despite the heavy smoke in our region. IN fact last week’s activities were one of the highest weekly totals for the entire summer.  Why? Demand is still out there for housing and inventories increased to more than one thousand.  Last week’s MLS stats show the following:  for the Week of July 31 to August 7.

This information is for Jackson County.  Josephine County totals are in ( ).
NEW LISTINGS:  112  (43) – Ranges from $70,000 at 1016 W 10th St in W Medford to
$7.6 million, property at 2700 Valley View in Ashland better known as the Circle of Taren Ranch.

PENDING SALES:  90 (27) –  Range of $119,000 at 175 Malloy Lane in Shady Cove to $2.95 M for 1125 Sale Creek Rd, in Lake Creek a 321 acre ranch.

CLOSED SALES:  70, (30)– Range from $98,500 for a condo at 2102 Poplar Dr to
$1.1 M for 261 Harvard Place in E Medford.

This about that question.  With FHA and USDA loans on a big decline nationwide, most loans are now conventional in nature. Check out this Real Estate Show with Guy Giles of Bank 34 Mortgage and Phil Aust of Washington Federal.  The two share the latest types of loans available in today’s market.  May surprise you to when you hear how they meet all types of
(Guy Giles (L) and Pete Belcastro at KCMX
of needs from potential buyers.   What I remember the most about this show was Aust explaining a Cross Collateral Loan with allows someone with equity in a current home to purchase another home without the offer being contingent on that sale.  Interesting.  Learn more on the Real Estate Show.

August 18  RVAR
August 25,  Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler
September 1, Daniella Remley, Sterling West Property Management, Rental Market
September 8,  State Senate Candidates Jessica Gomez (confirmed),Jeff Golden (invited)
Next show to post on line.  Steps to a Successful Estate Sale with Lance and Tara Landers of IONIC ESTATE SALES.

The latest MLS stats compares the current market conditions in Jackson Cunty to a year ago.

Please text or write me for additional information or to schedule an appointment to talk about your needs.     petebelcastro@johnlscott.com    or   text call 541 621 7036
I often look for interesting ideas for Southern Oregonians to consider.  Here is another, a pre-fab cabin that is part of a new found luxury market for outdoor living.  Look at what these are like.

Drop this dreamy prefab cabin wherever you like ready to use for $22,000

Ryan Abernathy via Dwell

Call them what you will—creative cabins, artist out-houses, high-design huts—but miniprefab homes are having a moment.

The latest example comes from Drop Structures, a Canadian studio that designs small “lifestyle-specific” luxury buildings. This includes The Mono, a 106-square-foot structure that has enough room for a bed, sofa, and desk.

Desk next to window overlooking lakeRyan Abernathy via Dwell

The studio created Mono as to help people get some extra space in a breeze. The modern cabin has a simple truss frame, two walls of windows, birch wood floors, and a small front deck. It costs right around $22,000 and will be dropped turn key after a six-to-eight week turnaround. According to the designers, the Mono’s dimensions won’t require a permit in most locations across North America.

Glass cabin at duskRyan Abernathy via Dwell

The standard model has no bathroom or kitchen, though they’re available in custom orders. The Mono is intended as an addition to an existing home, not a replacement.

As Ryan Abernathy, one of the creators of the Drop Structures, tells Dwell, “Our structures are designed as a means of expanding ideas on how to improve one’s lifestyle beyond the traditional sense of, ‘I need more space, so I need to move to a new house or take on renovations.’”






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