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We hope your Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend is a time of joy and family for you.  Joe heads to visit family up North and I get to spend time with my sister and her family and friends in K Falls.
You’d think Real Estate would just come to a halt for the holidays but that really isn’t what happens. Check last week’s Real Estate activity in Jackson and Josephine counties.
We are now in the Winter Selling Season, November and December, yet looking at the activity report, activity remains robust for this time of year.
But remember, we have two markets — one abgov e $500,000 and another below $500,00.

If you love Southern Oregon, then you’ll enjoy hearing the latest efforts to improve water quality, water quantity and overall improvement of streams then this week’s Real Estate Show is for you.  Brian Barr, Executive Director of the Rogue River Water Shed Council talks about
Brian Barr and Pete Belcastro at KCMX Studio.
great successes in working with landowners to improve water in our region.  Its a success story for sure but with many issues remaining. Brian teaches this class for the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors which sponsored this particular program.
This week the latest on Mortgage Interest Rates with Guy Giles of Bank 34 Mortgage.  We have a discussion about the market, what type of lending is being requested from buyers, and the effect higher interest rates are having on the market.
Guy Giles (L) and Joe Brett at KCMX Studio.
The sales totals indicate there is lending activity going on as a brisk pace as well.   Check it out, Saturday, November 24, 10 am on KCMX AM 880.
To show you how much our society has changed, the number of single females purchasing homes is the highest ever.  The chart below shows
single females make up 18% of all sales across the USA.  Reasons, females marry later in life and live longer thus the large number of older females purchasing homes.  If you wonder about how many single males purchase homes, well, it’s less than half that of single females. We think that is because single males are chasing the single females too much and not thinking about buying a home quite yet.
Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday!
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