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Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Market finds itself in a state of flux as Autumn rolls in. MLS statistics show stark differences at various price points and locations around Jackson and Josephine counties. See more below.
Local officials from the Rogue Valley Council of Governments announced on last week’s Real Estate Show, they have been awarded $600,000 thru a federal grant to support remediation of Brownfields, or properties contaminated by prior usage.  Hear why its important and how property owners, both residential and commercial, can take advantage of this unique opportunity to re develop these lands.  Its not a laughing matter, contaminated soils, but you’ll find the Real Estate Show entertaining for a topic most have never heard of before.

LR Above:  Greg Stabach, Natural Resource Mgr. Rogue Valley Council of Governments, Host Pete Belcastro, and via phone, Lenn Farr, Santech Corp. Portland.
Did the bubble burst on new construction the last three months. It appears so.  What is causing these numbers?  Inventory of new homes is down while demand for new construction remains high.  Prices rose by 14% in a single year.  That is much higher than the 3.8% rise in residential re-sales.

Is the Fall a good time to sell your home? One thing is certain, the market will continue and opportunities abound for those who understand our market.  So, yes, is Autumn a good time to list your property and sell. You decide.
This week in Real Estate in Jackson and Josephine counties.  This continues the latest trend we see.  Inventories of new listings is up for the week while pending sales and closed transactions are down from a week ago.  The market is talking again and trending toward a more normal market right now.

Upcoming Real Estate Shows:
September 29, Greg While on Homeowner Insurances especially changes in fire insurance.
October 6, John L Scott Market Watch with Katie Mahar.

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