Saving Oregon's Historic Building

How to we blend the new with the old?  It’s a question that is particularly important to Medford and other cities that face uncertain futures of their historic buildings. This is where Restore Oregon comes into play. restore-oregon-logo160The statewide non-profit is dedicated to supporting the preservation and re-purposing of historic buildings in Oregon. They have a pretty good track record over many years of successful projects which they supported.  Here’s how they do it.
Restore Oregon has several Southern Oregon properties on their list of Most Endangered Historic Buildings in Oregon.
Among them are the historic Chalet at the Oregon Caves, and the Medford Elks Lodge. A third, the Lindberg House in Port Orford, recently came off the list.  Restore Oregon’s endangered buildings receive a $5,000 grant toward supporting whatever the building may need to help it along to a successful close.  That could be an update, repair, sale, etc.
In Medford, the group has offered matching funds to help the Medford Elks Building complete a structural engineering study of the building, something potential buyers will want to have.
Restore Oregon has a great story to tell.  Here it in full on our radio show on this website.  Restore Oregon is also funded by individual people and businesses who support historic building restoration and repurposing.  Contact them at .


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