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Cabinets are a major part of Design & Construction Week, and this year in Las Vegas brands showcased up-and-coming colors as Shaker and flat-front door styles continued to dominate. Some companies veered from popular white and wood cabinet finishes and displayed dark and dramatic colors, blues and greens, and interesting neutrals. Storage-focused companies also launched some new products for cabinet interiors.

Read on to see the cabinet offerings at the January International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, the two events that together make up the annual Design & Construction Week.

Erin Carlyle
This kitchen vignette in the Bosch booth at IBS featured warm white Shaker cabinetry. Design by Michele Youell of Natural Domain Interiors in Henderson, Nevada. Photo from Bosch

Shaker style — the most popular cabinet look for remodeled kitchens with upgraded cabinets, according to Houzz research — has been popular for years now. Based on the offerings at Design & Construction Week, that doesn’t look likely to change in the near future. Flat-front was also seen throughout the show.

1. White Cabinets Still Reign

White cabinets are the top choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchens, and white is also the top color choice for upgraded vanities in remodeled bathrooms, Houzz research shows. Repeatedly, cabinet manufacturers said at the show that white was their top-selling cabinetry finish.

The vignette in this photo is from the Bosch booth at IBS and was notable for its warm white cabinetry. By contrast, many of the cabinets on display throughout Design & Construction Week had cooler white finishes.

Erin Carlyle
At KBIS, Chesapeake, Virginia-based Green Forest Cabinetry displayed white perimeter cabinetry along with its newest color on the island base: Norfolk Blue. Photo from Green Forest Cabinetry

“Our No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 bestselling finishes are white, white and white,” says John K. Morgan, CEO of Green Forest Cabinetry.

Erin Carlyle
Visitors to the US Cabinet Depot booth at KBIS point to the company’s Shaker Antique White door. Photo from US Cabinet Depot

A representative for US Cabinet Depot said the company’s top-selling cabinetry door styles are: 1. Shaker White; 2. Shaker Dove (a light gray); 3. Shaker Gray (a dark gray); 4. Shaker Cinder (a gray stain); and 5. Torrance White (a style similar to Shaker but with a bevel on the rails and stiles and a raised center panel). Note that four of the top five sellers for US Cabinet Depot are Shaker style.
Erin Carlyle
A white and wood kitchen vignette in the Samsung booth at KBIS. Photo from Samsung

2. Wood and Wood-Look Cabinets Were On Display

For both remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, wood tones are the second most popular cabinetry-color choice, behind only white. Cabinetmakers and design-forward appliance brands at Design & Construction Week had wood and wood-look materials on display in a range of wood colors.

A Thermador kitchen vignette at IBS featured glossy gray-ish wood-look laminate cabinets. Design by Michele Youell of Natural Domain Interiors in Henderson, Nevada. Photo from Thermador
Wellborn Cabinet showed off its wood-look melamine in two new finishes, launched fall 2019, in this bathroom vignette at KBIS. Biscotti Cherry is the pale wood finish on the upper and lower cabinets, and Terra Oak is the dark wood tone on the floating vanity and bench seat. Photo from Wellborn
Erin Carlyle
White Driftwood wood-look laminate from Wilsonart in a bathroom vignette. Photo from Wilsonart

This year at KBIS laminate maker Wilsonart debuted its new cabinet door program with 20 designs of made-to-order cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Homeowners and pros can order the doors to pair with their cabinet boxes.

Signature Kitchen Suite displayed this bronze-y dark wood cabinetry in a kitchen vignette at its KBIS booth. Photo from Signature Kitchen Suite
Liebherr showed off wood grain and dark marble looks for the appliances and cabinets in its KBIS boothPhoto by Erin Carlyle

3. Brands Showcased Dark, Dramatic Cabinet Colors

While white and wood are the most popular cabinet colors in remodeled kitchens by far, KBIS and IBS give brands the chance to showcase alternatives and up-and-coming trends. This year, dark cabinets appeared in booths from cabinet manufacturers and makers of other products. This photo shows one of the German appliance-maker Liebherr’s kitchen vignettes, with cabinetry from German manufacturer Bauformat.

Erin Carlyle
Nobilia’s booth at KBIS showcased the brand’s elegant dark kitchen cabinetry. Photo by Erin Carlyle

German brand Nobilia featured this rich black flat-front kitchen furniture, the European approach to cabinetry. Unlike American cabinets built into a home, Nobilia’s cabinets are designed to be removed and brought to a new home if and when the homeowner moves.

GE Monogram featured dark cabinetry with a green panel insert at its kitchen vignette, which was set up for cooking demonstrations at KBIS. Photo by Erin Carlyle
Erin Carlyle
Dacor featured deep charcoal, nearly black flat-front cabinets with white veining, offset by a light wood color. Photo from Dacor
Erin Carlyle
This vignette in Electrolux’s KBIS booth featured maple wood perimeter cabinets in an iron finish with a brushed gray glaze, and island base cabinets with a vintage driftwood finish. Design by Susan Hill of Susan Hill Interior Design. Photo from Electrolux
Signature Kitchen Suite offered a twist on the dark cabinetry look with a vignette featuring wood cabinets with black panels.
Erin Carlyle
This vignette in Thermador’s IBS booth features Shaker-style doors with thin rails. Design by Michele Youell of Natural Domain Interiors in Henderson, Nevada. Photo from Thermador

4. Blue and Green Cabinets Were Favorites

Houzz research shows that blue is a top color for kitchen islands that contrast with the rest of the cabinets in remodeled kitchens, and plenty of blue cabinetry was on display from both cabinet manufacturers and appliance brands at KBIS and IBS. This photo shows teal-blue cabinetry in a kitchen vignette at IBS from appliance brand Thermador.

Samsung’s booth at KBIS featured cabinets in a variety of colors, including the blue cabinets shown in this vignette. Photo by Erin Carlyle
Erin Carlyle
US Cabinet Depot showcased blue flat-front cabinetry and wavy tile in this KBIS booth display. Photo from US Cabinet Depot
The LG booth at KBIS featured minty blue-green cabinets in this kitchen vignette. Photo from LG
Erin Carlyle
Wellborn Cabinet displayed a farmhouse-style cottage kitchen at KBIS, with forest green cabinets and wood accents. Photo from Wellborn

Green walls and backsplashes have been niche trends in our Houzz research in recent years, and we’ve seen green cabinetry in kitchen photos uploaded to Houzz as well. Some displays at Design & Construction Week featured green cabinets.

Delta showed off a more muted green in this kitchen vignette at KBIS.
Erin Carlyle
Liebherr featured concrete-look cabinetry that sheathed its appliances at KBIS. Cabinetry from German brand Bauformat. Photo from Liebherr

5. Unique Concrete, Metallic and Stone Looks

While the vast majority of cabinets showcased at Design & Construction Week were wood, wood-look, painted wood or veneer, brands did offer some interesting alternatives. This photo shows concrete-look cladding on appliances and cabinetry in a vignette from appliance maker Liebherr. The cabinets are by German brand Bauformat.

Erin Carlyle
Kohler’s KBIS booth featured the Robern Profiles Freestanding vanity in polished stainless steel with Reeded Glass cabinet fronts. Photo by Erin Carlyle
Nobilia featured its Inox brushed steel finish at Design & Construction Week. The finish is a laminate that mimics the look of brushed steel. Photo from Nobilia
Erin Carlyle
Nobilia also featured its Stone Art finish, a laminate that imitates the look of natural stone. Photo from Nobilia
Erin Carlyle
US Cabinet Depot’s booth at KBIS featured gray Shaker cabinetry. Photo from US Cabinet Depot

6. Grays and Other Neutrals

Gray is the third most popular color choice for upgraded cabinets in remodeled kitchens, according to Houzz research, and manufacturers had plenty of gray on display — as well as other neutral colors. This photo shows US Cabinet Depot’s Shaker Dove profile doors with a custom hood finished in Shaker Cinder stain.

Dacor featured both glossy and matte gray cabinets in this kitchen vignette at KBIS.
Erin Carlyle
LG displayed gray cabinets in its contemporary urban loft kitchen vignette at KBIS.
Thermador dubbed this vignette at its IBS booth a “cloffice” — a combination of closet and office. It featured an under-counter wine cooler, refrigerator and freezer drawers for high-end cosmetics, a coffee station and sparkly taupe cabinets. Design by Michele Youell of Natural Domain Interiors in Henderson, Nevada. Photo from Thermador
Erin Carlyle
Delta selected yellow to highlight this kitchen vignette at KBIS. Photo by Erin Carlyle

7. Yellow Was On Display

While we can’t say for sure whether this is a trend, Houzz did see yellow on cabinets at three booths throughout KBIS and IBS. This kitchen vignette in Delta’s booth featured pops of sunny color on the island back, cabinet toe kicks and the interiors of the glass-fronted upper cabinets.

Salice America, a maker of cabinet hinges, displayed this deep yellow cabinetry in addition to another paler yellow display at KBIS. A booth representative told Houzz it was simply what had been sent from the parent company in Italy.
Erin Carlyle
CNC Cabinetry displayed yellow cabinets, which match the company’s yellow logo.
Wellborn Cabinet featured its frameless cabinet boxes at KBIS. Photo from Wellborn

8. Frameless or Full-Access Cabinetry

Some booths were highlighting their frameless cabinetry, which gives the homeowner greater access to the interior of a cabinet compared with framed cabinet boxes. Framed cabinets are the traditional American way of making cabinet boxes; the frames are where the door hinges are attached.

European-style cabinet boxes, by contrast, are frameless, and the door hinges are attached directly to the boxes. This photo shows Wellborn’s Aspire full-access frameless cabinets.

Erin Carlyle
US Cabinet Depot also featured full-access frameless cabinetry at KBIS.
Erin Carlyle
Häfele’s new Smartcube open storage system can be used for kitchens, bathrooms, closets and other locations in the home. Photo from Häfele

9. Smart, Customizable Storage for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Both cabinet manufacturers and brands like Rev-A-Shelf and Häfele showed storage solutions that make cabinets more organized. Häfele debuted its new modular Smartcube open storage system. Designers can customize projects to their desired lengths, and use their own shelf materials to match surrounding cabinetry. The system comes in black and stainless steel finishes.

Erin Carlyle
Elkay showed a concept sink for the kitchen. It has three drawers that wrap around the kitchen plumbing and is designed to efficiently stow supplies. This product is not on the market. Photo by Erin Carlyle
Erin Carlyle
Rev-A-Shelf also showed off its new tiered deep drawer for 30- and 36-inch cabinets. It has two storage levels and three compartments. Photo from Rev-A-Shelf
Erin Carlyle
Häfele has a drawer organization system that it showed at KBIS, though it is not a new product. Here are some of the dividers for deep drawers that are part of Häfele’s Fineline drawer organization system.
Erin Carlyle
DXV featured its walnut and Carrera marble Belshire collection vanities, which have a clever drawer maximizing storage around the plumbing fixtures. Photo by Erin Carlyle
Erin Carlyle
Rev-A-Shelf showed a vanity organizer cabinet pullout with canisters to hold hair dryers and outlets to plug them in. This product was shown last year but was not released until KBIS 2020. Photo from Rev-A-Shelf

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