Seeking Healthy Small Lot Woodlands

by Pete Belcastro
Paul Showalter has been living among trees all his life. The Natural Resource Technician at the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation Division grew up with a US Forest Service father and can tell you a lot about treess.
On last week’s Real Estate Show, Paul brought his unique perspective to a discussion about managing small lot woodlands in Jackson County.
This about this, there are literally thousands of rural properties from one acre on up that are covered with trees, thus the name small lot woodlands.
We found out proeprty owners vary widely on how they manage their own lands. Some don’t do anthing with them and they become fire hazards, insect infested bad lands. Other have plans on how to thin trees, replant and basically learn what is best for their particular situation with their land.
Paul says some property owners manage small lot woodlands for wildlife by leaving oak trees in place that become a catalyst for animals to thrive.
Others manage their woodlands for some timber production and grow trees for that sole purpose. Still others have other ways to use the woodlands to enhance the value of their property.
the biggest thing Paul says is to get a plan going and that the JSWCD in Medford can help. They have helped many rural woodland owners come up with these plans which serve as a catalyst to being good stewards of land water. Conact Paul at

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