Southern Oregon's Luxury Home Market

L-R, Pete, Deanna Sickler and Doug Morse.
L-R, Pete, Deanna Sickler and Doug Morse.

by Pete Belcastro.
They are small in total number but high in dollar volume.  I am talking about luxury homes in Southern Oregon.  A luxury home are those priced at $750,000 and above and can range in location, acreage, age and care.
It’s a portion of the market that really took a hit during the last recession and quite frankly remains hidden from most real estate agents and the general public.  Not any more.   Doug Morse and Deanna Sickler are two of John L Scott’s top selling agents and both deal with the luxury market and big ways.
Both appeared on the Real Estate Radio Show and updated us on the luxury home market, and how is works and more interestingly who is buying these properties and why.
It may surprise you the answers these two well-known agents share with us.  Be sure to listen to the show.

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