Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show; Market Predictions for 2021 Conditions.

Gotta say it, 2020 was a pretty good year for Southern Oregon Real Estate, for both buyers and sellers. Interest rates are amazingly low, and sellers are receiving nearly 100% of their asking price. Can it continue into 2021? That’s the question Alice Lema and Pete Belcastro discuss on this weeks episode. Real time real estate predictions from two real time agents. See what 2021 may unfold for the market. We know its not going to slow down.

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  1. Hello Pete and Alice. Along with the help of Snyder Ck. Development. We worked with the city of Central Point to build the Whispering trees Subdivision over the last 8 years start to finish. We recently just moved to Bosie Idaho area but still own and operate the Fourth Quarter 55 plus living complex there in that subdivision located parallel to the Don Jones park. I just finished listening to the 2021 New Years broadcast. wow- an anticipated 3.5 % growth. Its hard to imagine that type of growth given the governors radical attack on business owners tax wise including all the new spending bills being put into place. Yes- very low interest rates are fueling the Real Estate market but for how long it can remain sustainable will remain to be seen. My Question to you both is this. Just as Folks are leaving California like rats off a sinking ship- do you see that type of activity regarding older residents in the Boomer generation doing the same thing in Southern Oregon. I have several friends that would love to come to Idaho or neighboring states if they could afford to do so- But several have already made that decision to leave Southern Oregon that have the financial means to do so. your thoughts. thank you.

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