Southern Oregon’s Real Estate Show, Why Mortgage Rates Remain So Low?

Historically low mortgage interest rates are driving high demand for housing across Southern Oregon. The problem is inventory levels have also reached historically low levels. What happens if people are ready to buy but there is no property to buy? That the dilemma facing buyers as 2021 begins. Guy Giles of Mutual of Omaha Mortgage joins Alice Lema and Pete Belcastro on this week’s episode to break it all down for buyers and sellers. Rates are nearing 2% for some buyers meaning more and more buyers are entering the market. So then how do we increase inventory? Now that is a discussion you’ll hear different opinions on why homeowners are so hesitant to sell. Hear from real time real estate brokers and lenders to know what’s really going on and why rates should remain this low through most of the year..

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