Real Estate Medford, Dealing with Home Inspections

By Pete Belcastro / January 26, 2018

In most every real estate transaction , a home inspection is required as part of the deal. Inspector Michael Fowler shares what goes into an inspection, and what buyers and sellers should expect from it. He also shares info on problem areas he generally sees and what sellers can do to prepare their home for… Read More

Real Estate Medford, When is a building permit required or not?

By Pete Belcastro / July 14, 2017

When is a building permit required? Do I need a permit for a fence? A garage conversion? A bathroom remodel? A room addition? Kimberly London, from Medford’s Building Dept. has the answers on today’s show. She talks about what is and is not needed and where and how to get through the permitting process. For… Read More

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