Water Quality, Yes, it's a big deal!

by Pete Belcastro
Under Oregon Revised Statutes, those pesky state regulations,  is a provision forbidding landowners to put pollute streams from runoff or irrigation from their property.  At first that would seem impossible but if you dig down a bit further its not and its the next things in environemntal rules coming in the future.
If you don’t believe, listen to Paul DiMaggio, Project Manager of the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District talk about changes int he way landowners deal with water.  DiMaggion was joined by Ben Moore, an SOU grad and District intern who actually monitors water qualily in Jackson County.
DiMaggio reports landowners continue to convert to sprinkler system from flood irrigation.  It’s his job to help landowners achieve that.  What’s interesting, when this occurs, yeilds from irrigation increase, runoff into streams decreases, less water is used, more water is available in the stream and JSWCD has achieved another success in managing our water supply wisely.
Listen to this show and hear for yourself that rural landowners are working to manager water better than ever before.  They are achieving success and in a year of drought that means a lot in our effort to make better use of water supplies.
If someone doesn’t want to change and improve water quality.  Expect DEQ to come up ways to enforce the current statutes.  Right now they are not generally enforced on landowners, but as we narrow the field in water quality, enforcement and fines could be forthcoming.  Smart rural landowners are preparing now and achieving success before a crackdown on stream pollution begins.

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