Water Rights and Irrigation on next Real Estate Show

With all the snow in the mountains and more still predicted, we’re going to have a terrific water year. That means no curtailments but abundant water to share for consumers, recreation, fish and so forth.
With so much water, it seems a bit premature to talk about water rights and irrigation season but we’re going to tackle it head on the next Real Estate Show.
KMED AM 1440 Saturday 10 a.m. and Sunday 4 p.m. is the place. Our podcasts can be found at www.realestateshoworegon.com
What is water so important? Its the lifeblood of our community and demand for it can sometimes outstrip the supply. That when we have water wars. By being good stewards of land and especially water we can extend the supply we use domestically for years to come.
I find the Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District the leader of these effort. They should. Property taxpayers pay a small portion of funds to support the JSWCD which regulates water rights and irrigation.
They do a great job. Dan Scales joins us this weekend on the show and he is an expert in this area and works with it on a day to day basis. Think about this.
This could be a good time to purchase water rights, or perhaps a good time to just rethink how you use water.
Join us this weekend for the Real Estate Show and together we’ll explore water and water rights and new ways of irrigation methods. It will be a terrific show and we’ll see you this weekend live on KMED AM 144.0
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